"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders." --Samuel Adams

Monday, January 31, 2005

'If You Don't Take a Job as a Prostitute, We Can Stop Your Benefits'
by Clare Chapman
...Prostitution was legalised in Germany just over two years ago and brothel owners – who must pay tax and employee health insurance – were granted access to official databases of jobseekers... Under Germany's welfare reforms, any woman under 55 who has been out of work for more than a year can be forced to take an available job – including in the sex industry – or lose her unemployment benefit. Last month German unemployment rose for the 11th consecutive month to 4.5 million, taking the number out of work to its highest since reunification in 1990...
Rush for the Border
Opinion Journal
In the aftermath of 9/11, conservatives bottled up their frustrations over some of President Bush's policies. Then they muted their criticism during the presidential campaign. But now it is spilling out in all directions--and the White House had better pay attention...
Related: Guest-worker Plan a Mockery of U.S. Principles     Report Illegals
by John Podhoretz
When you heard about the stunning success of the Iraqi elections, were you thrilled? Did you see it as a triumph for democracy and for the armed forces of the United States that have sacrificed and suffered and fought so valiantly over the past 18 months to get Iraq to this moment? Or did you momentarily feel an onrush of disappointment because you knew, you just knew, that this was going to redound to the credit of George W. Bush? This means you, Michael Moore. I'm talking to you, Teddy Kennedy. And not just to the two of you, but to all those who follow in your train...Losers.
Purple Badge of Courage
by Deborah Orin
...The fact that Iraq's election triumph came as a surprise to so many Americans shows how badly they have been served by most press and TV coverage, which told mostly of deaths and trouble and ignored the first glimmerings of new hope. Iraqis, after all, lived through decades when Saddam Hussein fed people to Doberman Pinschers and plastic shredders and murdered hundreds of thousands who were buried in mass graves...
More: The Voice of Freedom     President Bush's Statement On the Election

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq Is Going To Be Just Fine
by Mark Steyn
...The Afghan election worked so well that, there being insufficient bad news out of it, the doom-mongers in the Western media pretended it never happened. They'll have a harder job doing that with Iraq, so instead they'll have to play up every roadside bomb and every dead poll worker. But it won't alter the basic reality: that today's election will be imperfect but more than good enough...
More: Bloggers Share the View From Election Day in Iraq     Iraqi Elections: Platforms and Campaign Strategies     Analysis: A Complex Democracy
They Died--and Now We Sneer
by Leo McKinsry
...To European intellectuals, the term "American democracy" is probably an oxymoron. Though such sophisticated cynicism is contradicted by events in Iraq, where – just like in France 60 years ago – US soldiers have been sacrificing their lives to liberate a people from tyranny, anti-Americanism is now written into the European psyche, the last acceptable prejudice in a culture that makes a fetish of racial equality...despite all that the USA has done to free Europe in the past from totalitarian dictatorships, whether they be Nazi or communist...
Homestead Act Serves As Model For Conservatism
by George Will
...Twenty-two years ago there was a book, written by this columnist and read by dozens, titled "Statecraft as Soulcraft: What Government Does." It was a manifesto, of sorts, for "big government conservatism." It argued that modern government, with its myriad prescriptions, proscriptions and incentives, cannot help but endorse and, to some extent, enforce certain values. So it should be thoughtful and articulate about it...
Environmental Movement Has Lost Its Way
by Patrick Moore
I am often asked why I broke ranks with Greenpeace after 15 years as a founder and full-time environmental activist...By the mid-1980s, the environmental movement had abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism. I became aware of the emerging concept of sustainable development: balancing environmental, social and economic priorities. Converted to the idea that win-win solutions could be found by bringing all interests together, I made the move from confrontation to consensus...
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N.Y. Senator Is Taking the Right Steps
by John Leo
...Clinton seems to be on the move, laying the groundwork for a centrist campaign in 2008. She has come out in favor of immigration reform, in effect saying: close the borders. She has demanded a role for religion and faith-based programs in the public square. And last week, while clearly underlining her pro-choice position, she expressed many sentiments firmly held by the anti-abortion movement, including putting in a good word for abstinence...You don't have to be overwhelmed by Hillary Clinton's sincerity to conclude that she is making some smart moves now. She is beginning to distance herself from Democratic dogma.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Long Road to a Vote
by Bakhtiar Dargali
...when I heard about the plans for Iraqis in the United States to vote in the national elections, my initial reaction was not to participate. Although I feel a strong tie to my homeland, I am an American citizen, and my life is here now. But then came the news that 31 marines died on Wednesday in western Iraq when their helicopter crashed as they were on what Gen. John Abizaid said was a "mission in support of the election." How can I ignore the sacrifices of these marines who died so my family can vote? The best way for me to honor their martyrdom is to vote myself...
Democracy and Anti-Semitism
by Joseph Loconte
...it’s worth remembering that the Jews were not rescued from Hitler’s death camps by obsessing over the failings (or the “imperial hubris”) of free nations. Then and now, imperfect democracies are called upon to fight anti-Semitism and all the ideologies of hate -- for they are the only democracies available for the job.
How American Students Stack up Against the Competition
by Andrew J. Coulson
...The start of a new year is the ideal time to face reality. The notion that America’s public school problems are confined to inner cities, and that our wealthy suburbs produce world-beating high school graduates is a myth. It’s time we resolve to do better.
Assaults on Border Agents Increase
by Jerry Seper
...Mr. Bonner blamed the increased violence, in part, on what he called the "restrictive enforcement policies" of homeland security officials in Washington, saying agents often are prohibited from actively pursuing those involved. He also said part of the blame belongs to federal judges who are not fully prosecuting those accused of violent acts and to the Mexican government, which is not cooperating in targeting the offenders...

Friday, January 28, 2005

How Not to Be a Regulator
by James K. Glassman
Michael Powell's decision Friday to step down as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is a blessed event. It paves the way for a successor who can bring consistency and stability to revive telecom policy -- and competition and lower prices to benefit consumers...
Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy
by Maryann Mott
...What's caused the uproar is the mixing of human stem cells with embryonic animals to create new species...
Volcker's Business Ties Raise Questions
Fox News
...the man tapped by the United Nations to lead a probe into the troubled Oil-for-Food program has potentially too-close-for-comfort ties to companies he's supposed to be investigating, FOX News had learned...
Announcement: Travel to Northern Mexico Potentially Dangerous
U.S. Department of State
This Public Announcement is being issued to alert U.S. citizens to the current security situation along the Mexican side of the U.S.-Mexico border in the wake of increased violence among drug traffickers...U.S. citizens are urged to be especially aware of safety and security concerns when visiting the border region...
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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Disgracing Our Nation   
by Frosty Wooldridge
...Up to half of all illegals avoid taxes, $311 billion in 2004, as they work off the books but use our medical, educational and welfare systems. They depress wages and steal jobs from our working poor. Their President Fox creates handbooks on "How To" break into America against our laws. That would be like your father showing you how to break into your neighbor’s home. Once there, you could steal, kill, rape, spread your diseases and offer drugs or use your neighbor’s home as you wished. All of the above have happened to American citizens by illegal Mexicans...What’s more, our own president and Congress sanction Mexico’s sinister behavior. That would be like your father helping a derelict neighbor break into your house and steal your car, beat up your kids or take your money. As a matter of fact, those Mexican thieves send $15 billion of our hard currency back to Mexico annually. Other illegals return $40 billion to their countries...
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TAKE ACTION: Learn More/Fax Congress
Transcript: President Bush Holds Press Conference
The White House
...For this new term, I've assembled an exceptional Cabinet, and several members are taking office this week. In addition to speedy action on all my nominees, I especially urge the Senate to confirm Condoleezza Rice today, and to promptly act and confirm Judge Al Gonzales. We have a full agenda. I'm looking forward to the work ahead. And now I'm looking forward to answering some of your questions...
Greasing Palms in Asia
by Michael Vatikiotis
...One of the first fears Indonesian legislators expressed after the tsunami was that money meant for rehabilitation would end up in the wrong hands...a more realistic approach might be to talk about managing corruption rather than eradicating it entirely...
Black Conservative 'Outraged' by Dems' Attacks on Rice
by Susan Jones
...The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, a conservative group, called the Tuesday's attacks "vicious" and outrageous....Peterson has long argued that liberal Democrats are racist toward blacks: "Liberals believe that blacks should all think and vote the same," he said. "And they loathe any free-thinking black who dares to walk off their plantation"...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Democratic Ideal   
by Joshua Muravchik
...Despite the skeptics, all historical evidence suggests that democracy can indeed spread further, that America can serve as an agent of its advancement, as it has done all over the world, and that democracy's spread will make the world safer.
Related: America's Might is Not Draining Away
The Upcoming Iraqi Election
by Bill O'Reilly
...The truth is the Bush administration has made mistakes in Iraq and in defining the new rules in the terror war. But at least the president has a strategy. Most of his opponents have nothing. And until they develop a smart policy to defeat the Islamic killers, they're just spitting in the wind. We need solutions, not partisan blather.
Related: Taking Risks for Freedom   Zarqawi Terms Democracy an 'Evil Principle'
How Much Is a Life Worth?
by Matt Heidt
...I am not opposed to the idea of helping the 9/11 families, but there could hardly be a greater contrast between the death of a man voluntarily defending his nation in combat and a person who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The irony is that many of those dead Marines in Fallujah joined the Corps as a direct result of watching their office working countrymen being slain by our terrorist enemies...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Professors as Inquisitors
by Dennis Prager
...In the year 2005, nearly four centuries after Galileo was forced to recant observable scientific facts about our solar system, the president of Harvard University was forced to do a similar thing. He was compelled to apologize for advancing an idea about men and women supported by scientific research and likely to be true...
Supreme Court Justice Urges Christians To Live Fearlessly
by Penny Brown
..."God assumed from the beginning that the...wise of the world would view Christians as fools--and he has not been disappointed"..."If I have brought any message today, it is this: Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world."
The New Math: 28 + 35 = 43
by George Will
...What Bush enunciated last Thursday noon was, however, more of a stance than a policy. Which is to say, his words were more aspirational than practical...The pleasures of pessimism are that pessimists are often right—and are delighted to be proved wrong. Bush, whose foreign-policy optimism would have made the sunny Reagan seem almost dour, intends to delight them.
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Is Bush Moving To the Middle?
by Robert Novak
...It cannot be disputed that Bush's tone has changed since the election. The 22st Amendment, prohibiting a third presidential term, is a two-way street. I reported last month that even loyal Republican lawmakers feel less constrained to follow a term-limited president. But that same president is under far less pressure to obey the demands of his political base.

Monday, January 24, 2005

U.S. Foresaw Terror Threats in 1970s
Associated Press
Nearly three decades before the Sept. 11 attacks, a high-level government panel developed plans to protect the nation against terrorist acts ranging from radiological "dirty bombs" to airline missile attacks, according to declassified documents obtained by The Associated Press...
Hydrogen Fuel May Not Be So 'Clean'
Fox News
...Extracting useful quantities of hydrogen from water requires a massive amount of energy — energy that typically comes from burning oil or coal. You can also get hydrogen from methane — but once again, it takes a "dirty" fuel to create a "clean" one. Another possible problem: Scientists call hydrogen a "leaky gas" that easily escapes from any container you put it in, potentially harming the environment. "It is not a neutral gas," Prather said. "It actually does interact in the atmosphere. And in some sense it needs a better evaluation."
He's a Worldbeater, All Right
by Mark Steyn
...On Sept. 11, the world came unspun: There's no shame in acknowledging, as Condi Rice did last week, that previous policy -- Republican and Democrat -- toward the Middle East is wrong. But there's something silly and immature about a party that, from Kerry to Boxer to Byrd, can't get beyond spin, grandstanding and debater's points...
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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Our Troops Deserve Better
Investor's Business Daily
...When Pentagon officials were killed on 9-11, their families got an average $1.5 million in death benefits from a special fund. When GIs are killed overseas fighting terrorists, their families get $12,420. That's right, barely enough to cover funeral costs. What's wrong with this picture? Everything...Our soldiers give their lives to protect us and our families. We should do a better job of protecting and providing for theirs.
Related: Veterans Unite to Call for Full Funding of VA Health Care
Ideals and Reality
by David Brooks
...I hope you heard the president talk about freedom as "the permanent hope of mankind, the hunger in dark places, the longing of the soul," and also saw the drunken, loud and privileged twentysomethings carrying each other piggyback down K Street after midnight. What you saw in Washington that day is what you see in America so often - this weird intermingling of high ideals with gross materialism, the lofty and the vulgar cheek to cheek...
On Terror, Reporters See What They Want To See
by Jack Kelly
..."The media serves as the glass through which a relatively small event can be magnified to international proportions, and the enemy is exploiting this with incredible ease," Ryan said. "It's a disgrace when many on whom the world relies for news paint such an incomplete picture of what actually has happened."
No Teacher Left Behind
by Terry M. Moe
...The problem is not that the [teachers] unions are somehow bad or ill-intentioned. They aren't. The problem is that when they simply do what all organizations do--pursue their own interests--they are inevitably led to do things that are not in the best interests of children...
Reaction: Education Moe-Joe

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Expect the Unexpected   
by Neil Cavuto
...History often is defined not by the things we think will happen, but the twists that invariably do happen...I'm not smart enough to say we will get Social Security reform, or tax reform, or that Iraqi elections will go smoothly. But, after you to listen to all the naysayers, I want you to listen to history. Then, I want you to tell me which you'd rather listen to.
Jimmy Carter Linked to Oil-For-Food Scam
World Net Daily
[Melanie Morgan, co-chairman of Move America Forward said,] "It's kind of curious that a man like Jimmy Carter could be so verbose for the past few years in condemning America's foreign policy as it relates to Iraq. But now he is mute. It really makes you wonder what exactly transpired between Carter, his administration's officials and those who were working as Saddam Hussein's agents."
Vote Ambush Money Trail
by Austin Bay
Saddam Hussein's henchmen are already casting their votes in this month's Iraqi elections -- with bombs, kidnapping and murder as their ballots. This antidemocratic campaign has deep and dirty pockets: billions skimmed from Saddam's extortion, theft and smuggling schemes. The illicit money stash pays fort error and civil war -- blood money that spills more blood...

Friday, January 21, 2005

Vietnam, Iraq, and the 2004 Election
by Zell Miller
...American civilization deserves protection and has earned the benefit of the doubt. Do not let barbarians use our civility and freedom to destroy our liberty. Do not let barbarians sack civilization simply because they knock gently. Holding the course for freedom is hard. But with all I’ve learned from study, age and experience, I believe, with every fiber of my body, that there comes a time when a civilization has to choose between good and evil, between freedom and tyranny...
The New Abolitionism
by Rich Lowry
...It is an intolerable affront to human dignity. "The methods are the same as from the slave trade -- kidnappings, deception, beatings, sexual exploitation," says Miller. "You talk to these faith-based groups, and they think they are following in the footsteps of their ancestors in this country who led the abolition movement." Twenty-first-century slavery calls for 21st-century abolitionism.
Bush Continues to Support UN "Law of The Sea" Treaty
by William Norman Grigg
...This means that the same UN that created the Iraq Oil-for-Food corruption scandal – described by some as the biggest swindle in history – would claim the right to control the unfathomable resources of the oceans and ocean floors, and apportion them as the world body sees fit. And the Bush administration, wrongly regarded in "conservative" circles as anti-UN, enthusiastically supports the UN’s grab for the oceans...
Terror U.
by Joe Kaufman
[Florida Atlantic University] is continuing to allow radicals on its campus, the latest being this Saturday’s (Jan.22, 2005) return engagement of potential co-conspirator to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, Siraj Wahhaj...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inaugural Address
by George W. Bush
...There is only one force of history that can break the reign of hatred and resentment, and expose the pretensions of tyrants, and reward the hopes of the decent and tolerant, and that is the force of human freedom. We are led, by events and common sense, to one conclusion: The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world...
Is God Invited to the Inaugural?
by Paul Kengor
...Will any mention of God by Bush be tolerated by the self-proclaimed “tolerant” among us, by those who embrace “diversity?” For the truly open-minded, here is a brief history of God’s presence in presidential inaugurals, including the most recent...Democratic presidents are allowed to talk about God, whereas Republican presidents are pilloried when they do so...
It's Our Party, You Can Cry If You Want To
by Ann Coulter
...Hollywood liberals could not be reached for comment on the cost of the inauguration because they were being fitted for gowns and jewelry worth millions of dollars in anticipation of Oscar night...Speaking of which, I just remembered: George Soros is worth $7 billion! Couldn't he get by on, say, $1 billion and donate the rest to the tsunami victims?...Last year, Soros announced that the central focus of his life would be removing Bush from office. Would that Soros could refocus that energy on alleviating the suffering of tsunami victims.
The Real Engine of Blue America
by Steven Malanga
...The electoral activism of this New New Left coalition—public-employee unions, hospitals and health-care worker unions, and social-services agencies—has reshaped the politics of many cities. As the country’s national political scene has edged rightward, thwarting their ambitions in Washington, these groups have turned their attention to urban America, where they still have the power to influence public policy...
A Citizens' Revolution for Clean Elections, New Media
by Stefan Sharkansky
...it isn't good enough for government work to decide an election by a box load of funny votes. It is not the American way for a tainted victory of 129 votes, marred by thousands of illegitimate votes, including double voters, felon voters, cemetery voters and unidentified voters, to take the place of a legitimate decision of the electorate...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Espionage By Any Other Name
by Tony Blankley
...not a peep of concern can be heard. Apparently this is considered just journalistic business as usual. The Washington political class is suffering from a bad case of creeping normalcy. We are getting ever more used to ever more egregious government leaks of military secrets. What's the big deal? Maybe I am an alarmist. Or maybe we are sleepwalking toward the abyss.
Abstinence Ed Trumps Condom Programs
AFA Journal
"Choosing the Best," a health- and medical-oriented approach to teaching abstinence founded by Bruce Cook, was recently noted as being 50 percent more effective than condom-based sex education programs when it comes to delaying a teenager's first sexual encounter...
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Florida College Bans The Passion of the Christ; Launches Campaign Against Free Speech
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Florida’s Indian River Community College...banned the Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) from showing the film because it was R-rated, despite the fact that the college has hosted a live performance entitled “F**king for Jesus”...
TAKE ACTION: Let the Board of Trustees and Indian River Community College Foundation know what you think.
Loophole Lets Foreigners Illegally Vote
by Joe Stinebaker
Dozens of foreign citizens, and perhaps hundreds more, have been allowed to vote in U.S. elections in Harris County [Texas] because of the county's reliance on an "honor system" that effectively allows almost anyone to vote...
Liberal Financier Accused of Violating Federal Election Law
CNS News
..."Since Soros has spent $18 million promoting campaign finance law, it's the height of hypocrisy for him to run an off-the-books campaign," Boehm said...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Judeo-Christian Values: Part III
by Dennis Prager
...the era following the decline of religion in Europe led not to unprecedented moral greatness, but to unprecedented cruelty, superstition, mass murder and genocide. But believers in reason without God remain unfazed. Secularists have ignored the vast amount of evidence showing that evil on a grand scale follows the decline of Judeo-Christian religion. There are four primary problems with reason divorced from God as a guide to morality...
Previously in this series: Part I    Part II
Murder of a New Jersey Christian Family: A "Test Case" For Islamo-Fascists?
by Sher Zieve
...Unfortunately and unconscionably, as of this writing only one news channel (Fox) is reporting this story in any depth. In fact, neither the alphabet soup networks nor the other cable channels have even bothered to include it in their online news sites. Although the deaths of Muslims around the world are reported as front page news by the mainstream media, apparently the death of Christians (apparently at the hands of Muslims) isn’t worth mentioning. And, of note, none of our ‘moderate’ Muslim friends have said anything. In this case, both groups’ silence says a mouthful...
More information: Family, Friends Mourn Slain N.J. Family   Religious Tensions Erupt at Family's Funeral
Women's Magazine Offers Tips to Terrorists
by John Phillips
Al Qaeda has introduced an online women's magazine with articles including dietary advice for suicide bombers and tips on how to "dominate the passions" before blowing yourself up, according to Italy's SISDE secret service...
Arab Doctors' Association is Aiding Jihad Warriors – but Not Tsunami Victims
Middle East Research Institute
...Arab Doctors' Sec.-Gen.: This Was a Divine Punishment For the Muslims' Oppression by Infidels and the U.S...
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FCC Indecency Enforcement Called Confusing, Burdensome
by Jeff Johnson
Critics of the Federal Communications Commission accuse the agency not only of responding poorly to citizen complaints and enforcing the nation's broadcast indecency laws, but also with creating a burdensome complaint process and offering confusing and sometimes seemingly contradictory interpretations of those laws...

Monday, January 17, 2005

I Have a Dream
by Martin L. King Jr.
...when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every tenement and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last."
Shilling for the New Castro
by Richard Baehr
...So one might ask, when Venezuelan policies are so noxious, why are three Senators flying over there to make nice?...It is well past time for America to go on the offensive against the spread of Communist tyranny in the Western Hemisphere. George W. Bush and the GOP should be no less vigilant on this score than was his predecessor John F. Kennedy.
The Demographic Bomb Is a Dud
by Caroline B. Glick
This week a team of American and Israeli researchers presented a study of the Palestinian population statistics at the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation in Washington...While reading the report, the inescapable sense is that something has gone very wrong within Israeli society. The numbers are so clear. The data have always been readily available. And yet, like bats attracted to the darkness of a cave, Israelis preferred the manipulative lies of the [Palestinian Authority] to the truth...

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Geneva Convention's Wisdom Is Useless vs. Jihadists
by Mark Steyn
...How do you deal with an enemy that encompasses everything from the U.N.'s favorite dictatorships to free-lance nutters? You need methods that are as diverse as they are. You need to be smart and at times improvisational.You don't do what the senators puffing all over the TV want to do: Box in the United States and give free Geneva upgrades to terrorists.
Mr. Bin Laden, What's Your Rank and Serial Number?
Free Ride Is Over
Investor's Business Daily
Recent reports indicate that hard-liners in the White House have been considering taking out insurgent training camps in Syria. In the words of Neil Young: "Should have been done long ago." How many lives — American and Iraqi — would have been saved if we'd been striking insurgents wherever we found them? How many Americans and Iraqis would still be alive if the Pentagon had sealed the Syria-Iraq border a year ago with a hail of fire so intense that it removed the incentive for anyone, save the suicidal, to cross it illegally?...
The Next Asian Plague, Courtesy of the Environmentalists
by Ben Johnson
...“The combination of the tsunami and the rains are creating the largest single set of (mosquito) breeding sites that Indonesia has ever seen in its history”...This catastrophe could be averted. WHO could dramatically limit the number of malaria and dengue fever infections with a simple, economical, and effective treatment: spray DDT...In all, the 30 Years War against DDT has threshed a deadly harvest of 50-90 million lives...Limited spraying is now endorsed by such anti-environmentalist reactionaries as the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, and Ralph Nader...

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Honoring Democracy
by William Kristol
...Today, in Iraq and beyond, honor points the path of duty, and the right judgment of the facts reinforces its dictates. The path of duty for us, as it was for Churchill and Sharansky, is the defense of liberty. As he takes the oath of office for the second time, having won a deserved reelection from the American people, this is Bush's challenge, and his mission.
America is Rightly Divided by Culture
by Sarah Sands
...The question the [BBC's] Culture Show wanted answered was: how can we bridge the cultural divide? I see no reason to. Conservatism and liberalism have different functions. Liberalism should mock and challenge conservative institutions, not the other way round. We are entering an admirable phase of equilibrium in America where the Right are in charge and the liberals outraged. This invigorates both sides...
Inauguration: Team Texas
by Peter Bell & Alexis Simendinger
..."Texans are, by their nature, tough, loyal, and think really big. No small ball. Always going for the fences," McKinnon said. "The best way to get a Texan to do something is tell 'em they can't"...Dieter said, "The Texas mind-set is one of right and wrong, and what should happen once somebody crosses that line: You put compassion aside and the toughness comes out"...
Why the U.S. Needs More Nuclear Power
Peter W. Huber & Mark P. Mills
...The power has to come from somewhere. Sun and wind will never come close to supplying it. Earnest though they are, the people who argue otherwise are the folks who brought us 400 million extra tons of coal a year. The one practical technology that could decisively shift U.S. carbon emissions in the near term would displace coal with uranium, since uranium burns emission-free. It’s time even for Greens to embrace the atom...The best thing we can do to decrease the Middle East’s hold on us is to turn off the spigot ourselves. For economic, ecological, and geopolitical reasons, U.S. policymakers ought to promote electrification on the demand side, and nuclear fuel on the supply side, wherever they reasonably can...

Friday, January 14, 2005

An Interview with President Bush
The Washington Times
The President responds to Washington Times interviewer questions on the war on terror, the role of his faith, the removal of women from combat, social security reform and the ownership society, tort and tax reform, America as a values-based country, education, immigration, judicial nominees, and Iraq.
Hastings' Downfall Underscores Capitol's Ideological Schism
by Dan Walters
...Hastings' crime: He favored more emphasis on English instruction, which put him not only in the political mainstream, as evidenced by voter approval of a ballot measure to that effect, but also on the side of common sense...
Media Eyes Shut On the Bias
by Charles Krauthammer
First comes the crime: Dan Rather's late hit on President Bush's Air National Guard service, featuring what were revealed almost immediately to be forged documents. Then comes the coverup: 12 days of CBS stonewalling...Now comes the twist: The independent investigation, clueless and in its own innocent way disgraceful, pretends that this fiasco was not politically motivated...
Enemies of Western Culture United By a Common Cause
by Christopher Adamo
...With each new effort by the left to sidestep legitimate debate of the issues at hand and supplant them with one fabricated controversy after another, the pattern becomes increasingly obvious. The enemies of traditional America exist not only on the fields of battle in the Middle East, but also inside the U.S., within major liberal institutions whose members invariably believe they alone hold the moral “high ground.” It is high time the rest of America recognize the true motivation for such behavior.
Playing the Old Blame Game
by John Leo
Almost everyone is a victim now, but some are more newsworthy than others...If anyone in America is not yet a social victim, don't stay out there alone. Call or write. We will do our best to get you into a victim group.
Don't Worry About Running Out of Oil
by David Frum
...In this new era of expensive oil, the process of substitution will accelerate. It may reach too into growing markets such as India and China. As it does, oil in the ground may become less valuable. And we will move closer to the day when M.A. Adelman's ultimate prediction comes true: As consumers substitute other energy sources for oil, oil in the ground will gradually become less valuable and producers will gradually lose interest in searching for more. The world will never run out of oil. It will just stop using it. When that happens, the world will never know and never care how much oil remains in the Earth.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Supreme Court vs. the Constitution
by Ben Shapiro
...Here's the usual pattern the justices have used to supplant the will of the people: First, they find a right enumerated in the Constitution. Then, they expand the right (and their reading of the right in the Constitution) according to their completely subjective opinions about policy. That expansion often means creating brand-new rights that are not enumerated in the Constitution. With the expansion of old rights and creation of new rights, the court finds a way to cut down laws it does not like, even if those laws are completely consistent with the words of the Constitution...
Mandate for Leadership
The Heritage Foundation
George W. Bush's reelection was an emphatic mandate for an agenda during the next four years based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. Mandate for Leadership is a handbook to help responsible lawmakers turn these principle into policy and a scorecard for citizens to make sure that they do...
Fables of Federal Regulation
by Jonathan H. Adler
...The oft-told explanation for federal environmental legislation- that ever-deteriorating environmental quality made federal regulation necessary-does not fit the historical record. Rather, a mix of factors led to the adoption of federal environmental laws, even though environmental quality was already improving in many respects. With a better understanding of the sources of federal regulation, perhaps we can reevaluate the current federal role and explore alternative means of ensuring environmental protection.
Forestry for Dummies
by Alan Caruba
...The nation was saddled with all manner of environmental legislation during the 1970s and part of the payback has been literally catastrophic for many of the nation’s forests. There has also been a hidden cost for anyone using any kind of product involving or derived from wood...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Berger Heist In Front of Grand Jury
Fox News
The criminal probe into why former Bill Clinton aide Sandy Berger illegally sneaked top-secret documents out of the National Archives — possibly in his socks — has heated up and is now before a federal grand jury, The Post has learned...The documents were classified Code Word, the highest security classification, above Top Secret. The commission report makes clear that Berger had a habit of writing candid notes in the margin of memos, sometimes flatly rejecting plans for action. He nixed a plan to capture Usama bin Laden with one word: "No."
Dissident Arab Gets the Treatment
by Ahmad Al-Qloushi
...instead of giving me a grade, Professor Woolcock verbally attacked me and my essay. He told me, “Your views are irrational.” He called me naïve for believing in the greatness of this country, and told me "America is not God's gift to the world." Then he upped the stakes and said "You need regular psychotherapy." Apparently, if you are an Arab Muslim who loves America you must be deranged. Professor Woolcock went as far as to threaten me by stating that he would visit the Dean of International Admissions (who has the power to take away student visas) to make sure I received regular psychological treatment. This scared me. I didn’t want to be deported for having written a pro-American essay...
Related: Academic Freedom on the Front Lines   The Terrorists' Leftist PR Machine
Shilling for the Mullahs
by Kenneth R. Timmerman
Left-wing billionaire and Bush-hater George Soros was not content to spend millions to thwart a Bush victory in last November's presidential election. Now his Open Society Institute in New York is joining forces with pro-Tehran lobbying group to promote the interests and the viewpoint of the Islamic Republic of Iran...Soros' prescription for America's future was bad for America. His prescription for the future of America's relations with Iran is bad for the world. Strengthening Tehran's mullahs means a nuclear-armed Iran.
Britain Has Been In Denial for Too Long
by Mark Steyn
...But "multiculturalism" is really a suicide cult conceived by the Western elites not to celebrate all cultures, but to deny their own. And that's particularly unworthy of the British, whose language, culture and law have been the single greatest force for good in this world...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

When All We Can Do Is Watch   Why?
by Frederica Mathewes-Green
...In a world that seems pre-packaged and artificial, the tears and wreckage are undeniably real. They hit hard, and there is a part of us numbed consumers that longs to be hit hard by something, anything. Our deeply emotional response doesn’t feel only painful, it’s also voluptuous. Our capacity to absorb overwhelming visual spectacle, trained by the million-dollar special effects in entertainment, is particularly arrested by something so endlessly horrible, irrefutably true. When we see a weeping man a world away, we feel a rush of aliveness and an emotional click that we may not have experienced by any other means for months...
The Case for Judeo-Christian Values: Part II
by Dennis Prager
...The best-known verse in the Bible is "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Leviticus 19:18). It is a reflection of the secular age in which we live that few people are aware that the verse concludes with the words, "I am God." Though entirely secularized in common parlance, the greatest of the ethical principles comes from God. Otherwise it is just another man-made suggestion, no more compelling than "Cross at the green, not in between."
Previous in this series: Better Answers: The Case for Judeo-Christian Values
UNworthy of Donations
by Dimitri Vassilaros
The United Nations General Assembly met for the first time on this date in 1946. Membership was open to all "peace-loving states" that agreed to follow the U.N. charter. At the time, it seemed like a good idea. However, many member nations today are controlled by thuggish dictators who love the peace that comes by eliminating all enemies -- foreign and domestic. Real and imagined...
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The WTO Trap
by William Norman Grigg
A delegation of U.S. cotton farmers had their "day in court" on December 13, seeking relief from a damaging regulatory ruling. The "court" to which they made their appeal was a dispute resolution panel of the World Trade Organization (WTO), a 148-nation global body headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The U.S. cotton farmers were forced to appeal to the foreign "court" because the U.S. government illegally ceded part of our sovereignty to the WTO, and the farmers have been caught in the repercussion of that action...

Monday, January 10, 2005

Arrogance on the Hill
by Robert Novak
"We are looking more and more like the Democrats we replaced," a House committee chairman told me Wednesday...the new majority party resembles the old one in this sense: having long been in power, they act as though they are sure they will keep it forever...
My Apology
by Armstrong Williams
...Please know that I supported school vouchers long before the Department of Education ran a single ad on my TV Show. I did not change my views just because my PR firm was receiving paid advertising promoting the No Child Left Behind Act. I did however exercise bad judgment by accepting advertising for an issue that I frequently write about in my column. I apologize for this bad judgment, for creating questions in people’s minds as to whether my commentary was sincere, and for bringing shame and embarrassment to the newspapers that run my commentary. I accept full responsibility for my lack of good judgment. I am paying the price...
We Can Learn From Einstein's Greatest Failure
by Simon Singh
...And, as we celebrate the Einstein Year, let's also bear in mind the fact that he was prepared to admit that he was wrong. Perhaps humility, more than anything, is the mark of true genius.
Election Protest Shows Why Dems Don't Count
by Mark Steyn
...As usual, the media did their best to string along with the Democrats' alternative reality. For the most part, the press now fulfill the same function for the party that kindly nurses do at the madhouse; if the guy thinks he's Napoleon, just smile affably and ask him how Waterloo's going...protesting Democrats "hoped the showdown would underscore the problems such as missing voting machines and unusually long lines that plagued some Ohio districts, many in minority neighborhoods." I think not. What it underscores is that the Democrats are losers...
Somewhat related: Racism, Democrat-style

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Disenchanted American: Are We Growing World-Weary?   Why?
by Victor Davis Hanson
...an American consensus is growing that envy and hatred of the United States, coupled with utopian and pacifistic rhetoric, disguise an even more depressing fact: Outside our shores there is a growing barbarism with no other sheriff in sight...the disenchanted American is becoming savvy and developing a long memory — and so we all fear the day is coming when he casts aside the badge, rides the buckboard out of town, and leaves such sanctimonious folk to themselves.
Crude Awakening for U.N. Slicksters
by Niles Lathem
Iraqi officials have recently implicated more U.N. staffers in bribe taking during the oil-for-food program in a development that could dramatically escalate pressure on the world body, The Post has learned...
Democracy for Palestine
...It pays to understand how we've gotten this far. Begin with Mr. Bush's consistent refusal to negotiate with Arafat, which was broadly lamented as a retreat from diplomacy. In fact, it was essential diplomacy. It signaled that the U.S. would not hazard its prestige by dealing again with a man who'd made a fool of President Clinton at the Camp David summit in July 2000. It also sent a message to Palestinians that Arafat's continued leadership would pay no dividends on the international scene...
How To Skew the News Without Really Trying
by Paul Jacob
...Though the leftish ideological bias of reporters is easily demonstrated, it is tempered by their often pro-establishment bias. After all, as we too often forget, the media is part of the establishment. They can't escape the reality that their power and importance is embedded with the power and importance of the people and institutions they cover...If you thought the problem with the media was that it is just a bit too left-wing, now you know the problem is much, much worse.
Urban Planning Notions Debunked
by Craig J. Cantoni
...crime increases dramatically when residences are intermingled with commercial property and common areas, when homes are built next to apartments and not set back from streets, and when cul-de-sacs and other forms of limited access to neighborhoods are replaced by biking and walking paths. In other words, the auto-dependent suburbia that is hated so much by urban planners is much safer and uses far fewer police resources than the high-density, pedestrian-friendly development preferred by the planners...
Urban Planning Notions Debunked
by Craig J. Cantoni
...crime increases dramatically when residences are intermingled with commercial property and common areas, when homes are built next to apartments and not set back from streets, and when cul-de-sacs and other forms of limited access to neighborhoods are replaced by biking and walking paths. In other words, the auto-dependent suburbia that is hated so much by urban planners is much safer and uses far fewer police resources than the high-density, pedestrian-friendly development preferred by the planners...

Saturday, January 08, 2005

How to Interrogate Terrorists
by Heather MacDonald
...Human Rights Watch, the ICRC, Amnesty International, and the other self-professed guardians of humanitarianism need to come back to earth—to the real world in which torture means what the Nazis and the Japanese did in their concentration and POW camps in World War II; the world in which evil regimes, like those we fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, don’t follow the Miranda rules or the Convention Against Torture but instead gas children, bury people alive, set wild animals on soccer players who lose, and hang adulterous women by truckloads before stadiums full of spectators...
Consequences of War
by Victor Davis Hanson
...even in a violent Iraq, we do not give ourselves credit for either the magnitude of our undertaking or the courage to make it work. Americans are not merely fostering elections, but in the most unlikely places are shepherding social change not seen since Japanese women were given the vote or communism collapsed throughout the Soviet empire. Shiites and Kurds, the perennially despised and discriminated of the Arab world, may obtain political equality for the first time in Iraq's history...
The Silent Muslim Majority IS the Problem
by Nonie Darwish
...Arab-Americans should no longer stand silent before acts of terror and beheadings on our fellow brave American men and women in the US armed forces as well. America should never allow the poison of medieval-style justice and morality to penetrate its psyche under the guise of multiculturalism. It is time for America to hold Muslim countries and culture responsible for terrorism. Those countries are waging a two-faced war against the West while hiding behind their terrorists and their sacred veils...

Friday, January 07, 2005

Liberals Love America Like O.J. Loved Nicole
by Ann Coulter
...America's stinginess is a long-standing leitmotif for liberals – which is getting hard to square with their love for America. When it comes to heaping insults on America, U.S. liberals are the nation's leading donors...At a minimum, in order to discount the largesse of the United States, one must carefully exclude gigantic categories of aid, such as military aid, food aid, trade policies, refugee policies, religious aid, private charities and individual giving. However "aid" is calculated, it is not that hard to calculate someone's affection for their country based on their propensity to tell slanderous lies about it. Let's review...
Do Drug Companies Kill Poor People?
by Ronald Bailey
..."A global R&D treaty, in which the profits of pharmaceutical companies are heavily taxed and their intellectual property rights undermined, would be almost certain to have the unintended consequence of effectively turning off the tap of innovation that is essential to dealing with the world's changing health problems." That would hurt the rich, but it would hurt the world's poor even more.
Does Bin Laden Seek to Overthrow the Saudi Monarchy?
by Stephen Schwartz
...It is often alleged in the West that the Saudi royals buy off the radicals to prevent the destruction of their reign, but other explanations are offered by the kingdom's ordinary residents. They frequently assert that the Saudis play a double game, to prevent either the country's middle class -- the largest in the Arab world -- or the Bush administration from pressing for meaningful change in the most reactionary and repressive state in the world...
Curious Case of Somaliland
by Richard W. Rahn
...Here we have a black African, moderate Islamic country with has a positive attitude toward the West, that protects women's rights, is willing to help in the war on terrorism, and is slowly building democratic and free market institutions, which is what we say we want. Yet, again it is important to repeat that no country has recognized Somaliland. How ironic...
A Gaping Silence
by Kishore Mahbubani
There are two great certainties of the early 21st century. First, Asia's role in the world will increase. Second, the institutions created in 1945 will have to be re-engineered to meet the needs of the new century. If logic drove history, then Asians would be providing leadership to design the new world order. Curiously, the opposite is happening...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

North Korea Issues Wartime Guidelines
by Sang-Hun Choe
North Korea has ordered its citizens to be ready for a protracted war against the United States, issuing guidelines on evacuating to underground bunkers with weapons, food and portraits of leader Kim Jong Il...
The Grand Inquisitor
by T. Wretchard
...We ought to be manly enough to authorize the use of a certain amount force on terrorist suspects, but only to the degree consistent with our deepest national values. To strike a balance between the need to maintain certain principles without paying too much for it in terms of military advantage; remembering what cost in blood must be paid for keeping the national conscience clean. It is a cup that will not pass away...
To Fallujah, With Love
by Ben Johnson
Pillars of the Hate America Left, who have taken great pains to aid the enemy in every American military venture for 20 years, have just returned from Iraq, where they delivered more than half-a-million dollars in aid to “the other side”– with the full knowledge and consent of left-wing Congressman Henry Waxman, D-CA...
More outrage: Boston Gang Linked to al-Qaeda   Northeastern U's Professor of Jihad
I Say It's Odious, and the Hell With It
by Jonah Goldberg
...If the issue is helping suffering people, why did the United Nations crowd - led by Clare Short, the former head of U.N. international development - scream bloody murder when it was announced that India, Japan, Australia and the United States would coordinate aid efforts? Short declared that any efforts to help the suffering tsunami victims outside U.N. authority would "undermine" the world body. So much for pragmatism. Who cares who helps the needy, and under what flag, as long as it gets done?...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Are We a Republic or a Democracy?  Why?
by Walter E. Williams
We often hear the claim that our nation is a democracy. That wasn't the vision of the founders. They saw democracy as another form of tyranny. If we've become a democracy, I guarantee you that the founders would be deeply disappointed by our betrayal of their vision. The founders intended, and laid out the ground rules, for our nation to be a republic...
Better Answers: The Case For Judeo-Christian Values
by Dennis Prager
...There is an epic battle taking place in the world over what value system humanity will embrace. There are essentially three competitors: European secularism, American Judeo-Christianity and Islam. I have described this battle in previous columns. Now, it is time to make the case for Judeo-Christian, specifically biblical, values...
Our Real Muslim Allies
by Stephen Schwartz
...The lesson? Mighty and rich Saudi Arabia, with blood on the streets of its cities, pleads helplessness in dealing with the terrorists it has spawned. Poor, obscure Albania acts with precision and dedication to shut down activity by the same terrorists. Thus, we learn who our real friends are, among Muslim countries...
Voltaire's Smile
by Tony Blankley
...If we are going to go further in debt to ease human pain and suffering, here are a few numbers to keep in mind. When one of our young military heroes dies in Iraq or other combat, his or her next of kin get only a $6,000 "death gratuity" (half of which is taxable), up to $1,750 for burial expenses, plus $833 a month for the surviving spouse until remarriage and $211 per month per child until he or she turns 18. If our soldiers, anticipating dying in the line of duty, want to provide more for their children, they have to pay for such insurance out of their meager wages. There are, apparently, some strict limits to our generosity.
Keep Counting Till You Win Election
by David E. Johnson
...That has become the Democrats new mantra as seen in the past week's certification of Christine Gregoire as governor of Washington following three counts of the ballot; two of which she lost. The third, a manual recount with dubious ballots suddenly discovered in heavily Democratic King County that were not counted previously gave her the election Now we must stop counting ballots or contesting irregularities, cry the Democrats because they might lose again...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Exploiting a Tragedy
by David Limbaugh
...we do ourselves a disservice to dignify these criticisms with a detailed rebuttal, beyond saying that the United States has been the most compassionate and generous nation, both publicly and privately, in the history of the world, and will continue to be. Further, one is entitled to question whether people are truly motivated by compassion when they feel the need to conspicuously parade their philanthropy like an obscene badge of self-congratulatory honor...
A Tale of 2 Systems
by David Brooks
...The question is: Will we leave our children a system as flexible, dynamic and productive as the one that was, fortunately, left to us? Or, by doing nothing, will we succumb to the same ineluctable pressures that now afflict Europe, and find that we are immobilized at the exact moment China and India are passing us by?
Freedom House Downgrades Putin’s Russia to "Not Free"
by Alicia Burns
...Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assaults on free speech and capitalism, as well as his government’s interference with free elections in the Ukraine all contributed to the demotion. In a press release from Freedom House, Executive Director Jennifer Windsor said, “Russia's step backwards into the Not Free category is the culmination of a growing trend under President Vladimir Putin to concentrate political authority, harass and intimidate the media, and politicize the country's law-enforcement system"...
Where’s the Party?
The Greening Earth Society
Preliminary data indicate 2004 likely will register as the fourth-warmest year in the world’s surface temperature record. Yet despite all the gloom-and-doom scenarios, we haven’t experienced an all-time record-setter since the big El Niño back in 1998. Our planet may be warming, but not at a torrid clip...
Does Affirmative Action Produce More Black Lawyers?
by Star Parker
A new and provocative study on affirmative action, which will appear in the Stanford Law Review this month, is attracting such attention that there is a special click-through on the publication's Web site to field questions about it. The conclusions of the study, that racial preferences at law schools produce fewer rather than more black lawyers, is already generating controversy that is sure to only increase...

Monday, January 03, 2005

How To Be an Illegal
World Net Daily
...Called "The Guide for the Mexican Migrant," the 32-page book published by Mexico's Foreign Ministry uses simple language to offer information on safety, legal rights and living unobtrusively in America. "This guide is intended to give you some practical advice that could be of use if you have made the difficult decision to seek new work opportunities outside your country," the book says, according to the Arizona Republic...
Be sure to see as well the related stories at the end of the article.
The Lessons of Clintoncare
by Michael Barone
Social Security overhaul seems to be the Bush administration's first priority for 2005. To gauge the prospects of success, it may be helpful to compare Bush's formidable task with the No. 1 goal of the incoming Clinton administration in 1993, health-care finance overhaul. On the surface, Clinton's odds of a win looked better in early 1993 than Bush's do today...
Campus Life, Fully Exposed
by John Leo
In the fall of 2000, I promised my daughter the freshman that I wouldn't write about Wesleyan University (Middletown, Conn.) until she graduated. As a result, you readers learned nothing from me about the naked dorm, the transgender dorm, the queer prom, the pornography-for-credit course, the obscene sidewalk chalking, the campus club named crudely for a woman's private part, or the appearance on campus of a traveling anti-Semitic roadshow, loosely described as a pro-Palestinian conference...
Frank Words for Annan in Effort to Revitalize UN
by Warren Hoge
The crisis meeting of veteran foreign policy experts in a Manhattan apartment one recent Sunday was held in agreed-upon secrecy. The high profile guest of honor came unaccompanied by his usual retinue of aides and without the knowledge of most of his closest advisers. The mission, in the words of one participant, was clear - "to save Kofi and rescue the UN"...

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Look Back at Weimar – and Start To Worry About Russia
by Niall Ferguson
...Born in 1919 in the wake of Germany's humiliating defeat in the First World War, the Weimar Republic suffered hyperinflation, an illusory boom, a slump and then, starting in 1930, a slide into authoritarian rule, culminating in 1933 with Hitler's appointment as chancellor. Total life: slightly less than 14 years. Born in 1991 in the wake of the Soviet Union's humiliating defeat in the Cold War, today's Russian Federation has suffered a slump, hyperinflation and is currently enjoying a boom on the back of high oil prices. Its slide into authoritarian rule has been gradual since Putin came to power in 1999. Is it going to culminate - 14 years on - in a full-scale dictatorship in 2005? That is beginning to look more and more likely...
Knowing When It Is Time To Act
by Austin Bay
...Personal maturity, experience and a staff capable of providing high-quality "course of action" analysis help leaders make the "best decision" given iffy information. However, mistakes are inevitable. That's why great leaders also have the quality of perseverance, and the ability to work through mistakes, remain focused on long-term strategic goals and retain the nerve to act when a new, uncertain opportunity arises.
Why Americans Will Be Safer In 2005
by Dennis Bailey
...While America will continue to face risks from terrorists and other threats including the abuse of power, 2005 raises the bar for those seeking to harm our security or freedom. This is one good reason to toast in the New Year.
Yes, more secure through integrated surveillance of us the citizens--and that raises other issues--but what about the massive immigration pipeline we erroneously call "borders?" (See yesterday's Must Read and related)

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Fresh Signs that Europe Is Ready To Deal with Bush
by John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge
...Paradoxically, the very thing that neoconservatives detest most about European diplomacy — that Machiavellian willingness to cut deals with anyone — is now working in Bush's favor. But there is arguably more to this sea change than just a grumpy acceptance of the status quo. From a European perspective, three things are making it easier to warm to the Bush White House...
NRO’s 2005 Crystal Ball
National Review Online
National Review's John Derbyshire, Jonah Goldberg, Kathryn Jean Lopez, John J. Miller, Kate O'Beirne, Andrew Stuttaford, the Hoover Institution's Victor Davis Hanson, and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies' Clifford May make insightful and amusing predictions for 2005.
North American Aircraft Under Attack by High-Powered Lasers
by Sean Osborne
...According to the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System there are records of this kind of attack for the last two years against commercial flights within the continental United States as aircraft approached or departed the international airports of Honolulu, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and Phoenix...