"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders." --Samuel Adams

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Highway Bill Could Pave Way toward More Tolls on Interstates
by Alan Wirzbicki
...Under the transportation bill passed by the House of Representatives last month, states would be allowed to convert overall up to 25 segments of the interstate highway system into toll roads over the next six years. The Senate is expected to vote on similar legislation this month...
Transcript: Presidential Press Conference
The White House
...We must address the root causes that are driving up gas prices. Over the past decade, America's energy consumption has been growing about 40 times faster than our energy production. That means we're relying more on energy produced abroad. To reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy, we must take four key steps...
Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of 2005
by Steven Stalinsky
It's only April, and already 2005 has seen its share of conspiracy theories from the Middle East. They began to appear in the early days of January, immediately following the tsunami, which was blamed on the usual suspects: America and Israel. The most popular accused America, Israel, and India of performing nuclear tests in the Indian Ocean, which caused the disaster. The following are the top 10 conspiracies so far this year...
Give Them a Real Filibuster!
by Dick Morris
...Frist just needs to end the “virtual” filibuster and make the Democrats stage a real one, replete with quorum calls, 24/7 sessions and truly endless debate covered word for word by C-SPAN for all the nation to see — and ridicule...
A Letter to Vladimir Putin
by Representative Christopher Cox
The following quotation was attributed to you in a recent report from the Associated Press: "First and foremost it is worth acknowledging that the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century"...it is my fervent hope that you have been misquoted...

Friday, April 29, 2005

North Korea Gassing its Citizens
CBC News
A human rights organization known for tracking down Nazi war criminals is taking aim at North Korea, saying the regime uses deadly nerve gas on its own citizens and may even be operating experimental gas chambers...
Ending the Judicial Nomination Impasse
by Senator Bill Frist
Throughout the judicial obstruction debate, emotions have run high on both sides. This should remind all of us, once again, of the need to return civility to our nation’s capital. The American people want their elected leaders to work together to find solutions. To them -- doing what’s Republican or Democrat matters far less than doing what’s right for our country...
Related: Democrats Still Don't 'Get It' On Religion
The Role of Religion in Public Life
by Pat Boone
'Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom'...[Benjamin] Franklin wrote those words – as appropriate today as they were back then – on April 18, 1787. Two months later, on June 18, he rose in the apparently deadlocked Constitutional Convention and suggested that the delegates could use divine guidance, proposing that each day's deliberations begin with a prayer and that a local clergyman be brought in to deliver a sermon. Preaching and praying, whenever and wherever, in almost any circumstance public or private has been a part of America's culture from the very beginning. It is not alien to our civic culture, it is an integral part of it...
The Agenda Behind the Bolton Smears
Opinion Journal
...Now that the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has given his colleagues three more weeks to figure out whether John Bolton wagged a left or a right forefinger at some aggrieved minion, the rest of us can sort through just what the charges against the U.N. nominee are, who is making them, and what the Stop Bolton campaign is really about. That isn't as easy as it seems, for the case against Mr. Bolton keeps morphing to suit the convenience of the accusers...
More: Beltway Bullfight
Spitzer's Choice
by Bob Harr
...We entrust prosecutors with vast authority, and hope to Heaven they use that discretion wisely, seeking convictions against the worst offenders. Regrettably, in our 21st century world of 24-hour news cycles and career candidacies, this discretion is often cast aside in the glare of blind ambition. In such an environment, we get press-release prosecutions, with targets chosen based on their media appeal and their expendability, rather than their true culpability. In that climate, justice becomes a mere afterthought.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Visit from the Feds
by Annie Jacobsen
...Here's what I find fascinating: while one arm of the government (the Federal Air Marshal Service) has vehemently maintained all along that "nothing happened on flight 327," the other, more muscular arm (the Department of Homeland Security) has been conducting a rather large investigation about it. Based on my 4 ½ hour meeting with the agents, I can tell you that not only have they been investigating what did happen during the flight, but they've also been investigating who botched the subsequent investigation as well as how it got botched...
More: Passengers Describe Flight as a Terrorist Dry Run
American Border Secrets
by Daniel Pipes
...Were the plaintiffs to prevail in this case, attending religious conferences would instantly become the favored method for terrorists and other Islamists to cross the American border without hindrance. Such a malign implication means this lawsuit needs to be tossed out by the courts.
Free-Trade Pact a Threat to U.S. Sovereignty?
World Net Daily
..."There are people in the [Bush] administration, and in Mexico, and in Congress, who believe that we should do away with borders entirely. Their ultimate goal is to create this hemispheric 'free trade' area consolidating all of North and South America into some kind of 'United States of the Americas'"...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Disinformation on Judges
by Thomas Sowell
...The damage that is done by judicial activism extends beyond the particular policies that happen to catch the fancy of judges. Judicial ad-libbing creates a large area of uncertainty, making the law a trap for honest people and a bonanza for the unscrupulous...
Can We Make Boys and Girls Alike?
by Stanley Kurtz
...From either a biological or cultural point of view, then, the feminist project of androgyny is ultimately doomed. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t do harm in the meantime. In America, many boys are slipping behind in school; their sisters are significantly more likely to go on to college. Yet thanks largely to the influence of academic feminists, legal and educational resources still flow disproportionately to supposedly victimized girls. In the end, gender won’t disappear, whatever the mavens of women’s studies hope, but the careers of some bright young men probably will.
Congress Must Increase Bush's Science Budget
by Mort Kondracke
President Bush is aggressively fighting two of the biggest threats facing America - terrorism and the Social Security shortfall - but he's falling woefully short in addressing the likelihood that the United States will lose its longstanding lead in high technology...
Related: U.S. Falls Behind in Broadband Development
'Nightmare' That Wasn't
by Robert Stacy McCain
...Amazing, isn't it? Liberals haven't accurately predicted anything in 40 years. Yet every time a liberal "expert" gins up a new prophecy of disaster (global warming, anyone?) his phone number is added to the speed-dial of "Nightline" producers, and the New York Times wins another Pulitzer for its five-part series examining the crisis du jour. With the failure of the predicted "border vigilante" crisis, liberals have maintained their record of being 100 percent wrong -- and now press on to new adventures in wrongness.
O'Reilly: The Dangerous Border & the American People     Malkin: "We are all Minutemen now"

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nightmare of Social Europe   
by Martin Walker
...Having defined itself for a generation by the generosity of their welfare states and an insistence of "social solidarity" rather than a robust clash of interests between labor and capital, Europe is grappling with three separate threats to its future. Any one of them could well prove fatal to the EU's social model. Combined, they are devastating...
Crusade Against Christianity Wearing Thin
by Ian Robinson
...while I understand why people would ignore religion, what I don't understand is the escalation of dislike and derision toward it. It may be rooted in the fact that the example set by men like Pope John Paul II and his successor, Benedict XVI, reminds the anti-religious of the spiritual emptiness in their own lives, the core knowledge that they live for nothing more than the gratification of the moment. And hating the reminder, they lash out at the person who reminded them of it. Christians have been hated before, are now and will be again. But what really rankles is the fact that my tax dollars subsidize the network that's a purveyor of anti-Christian propaganda.
How Would Americans React to Terror?
by Dennis Prager
...Fear of dying has increased as many of America's citizens and elite institutions have become increasingly irreligious, even anti-religious. One major consequence of secularism is fear of dying. After all, with no God and no religion, this life is all there is. It is no wonder that the secular are far more attracted to pacifism than the religious and far more likely than religious Americans to believe that American troops who have died liberating Iraq have wasted their lives...
How Hillary Broke Campaign Finance Laws
by Dick Morris
David Rosen, the national finance Director for Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign, goes on trial May 3 on charges of breaking federal campaign law. The senator's spokespeople insist that she didn't gain from the alleged crime — that the campaign realized no financial benefit from Rosen's understating the costs of a gala Clinton Hollywood fund-raiser...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Compassionate Conservative or Cowboy Capitalist?
by Myron Magnet
Whatever happened to compassionate conservatism? Despite the Bush administration’s focus on the war against terror, the idea didn’t disappear. But as White House thinking developed, it got incorporated into a larger, more profound domestic theory. Yes, we need a safety net, the current view seems to go; but we don’t need a European-style welfare state. What’s called for is the traditional American opportunity society, as much a boon to the poor as to everyone else...
Charges of Religious 'Intolerance' Cut Both Ways
by Cal Thomas
Democrats, who have been taking a crash course in the language of religion in hopes of winning some "values voters" away from Republicans in time for the next election, are agitated about a telecast [that took place last] evening...The answer is that liberals fear their earthly power is slipping away. They are less able to impose a secular leftist world view on the country. They know that the courts have been the only means by which they have been able to force their views on a majority who do not share them.
Leave No Blame Behind
by Clarence Page
...Unfortunately, a system that rewards mediocrity inevitably penalizes those who encourage excellence...After decades of fighting for equal educational opportunities for the poor, national Democrats and too many civil rights leaders have become extensions of the teachers unions, falling into a self-defeating pattern of lock-step support of more funding without more accountability from teachers and administrators...
Genetic Modification Puts Human Gene into Food Crops
by Geoffrey Lean
...The move, which is causing disgust and revulsion among critics, is bound to strengthen accusations that GM technology is creating "Frankenstein foods" and drive the controversy surrounding it to new heights...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Justice Sunday
...all the efforts to try to intimidate Bill Frist, accusing him of fanning the flames of religious bigotry or pandering to religious bigots by appearing on the FRC program, suggest a fear that his appearance, and the program itself, will actually be effective in mobilizing those values voters. Yes, the FRC and Focus on the Family are religious groups. But what they are asking for is an up-or-down vote on judicial nominees, not a religious test for office-holding. Whatever faith or reasons move them, the position they’re actually supporting is consistent with long-standing Senate practice (actually voting on nominees). Yes, there’s a slippery slope somewhere, and the judiciary may be the only remaining bastion of secular liberalism, but the alternative is not theocracy, but rather sober constitutional jurisprudence.
Are People Working Under False Identities at the Defense Department?
by Terence P. Jeffrey
...the government does not have definitive answers...Unfortunately, they need to be asked because on March 29 the inspector general of the Social Security Administration published an audit report revealing that Defense, plus the Coast Guard (which is a component of the Department of Homeland Security), filed nearly 6,400 W-2 forms between 1997-2002 that could not be matched to known taxpayers and thus had to be dumped into what SSA calls the Earnings Suspense File (ESF)...allowing hundreds, or even thousands, of unknown workers to gain employment at a government agency charged with defending the nation in a war against terrorists is unacceptable...
Taxpayer Fields Forever
by Radley Balko
Apparently, the Washington, D.C. mayor’s office and city council are still deliberating over a sponsor name for the new home of the Nationals. In Indianapolis, plans for a new football stadium for the Indianapolis Colts are just getting off the ground. That stadium too would presumably need a name. As officials for both city's go fishing for corporate sponsors, I think I have a better idea: Why not name either or both stadiums "Taxpayers’ Field?"...
The Ward Churchill Notoriety Tour
by Matt Labash
...Having headed the Colorado chapter of the American Indian Movement (AIM) for several decades, having boasted of his affiliation with the Black Panthers and his days teaching bomb-making to the Weathermen, he's more than just an angry professor. He's a nostalgia ride at the Aging Radical Theme Park. Pay ten bucks, and it's like watching your parents' college yearbooks transubstantiated into flesh and blood...
Benedict XVI a 'Hardliner'? But That's what They Called Reagan, Too
by Daniel Henninger
...As Joseph Ratzinger put it, he opposes a "reality" that someone has "simply thought up." Sounds like a soul-brother of Antonin Scalia to me. Like the U.S., the Catholic Church is a huge, sprawling, complex institution, and there are real issues at stake here that affect long-term life on the streets and in the pews...
More: Why They Ran--New Pope Speaks to the Inner Adult in All of Us

Saturday, April 23, 2005

An IRS Cover-Up?
Opinion Journal
...now three highly partisan Democrats want to de-fund this probe and prevent publication of the report. "There is no other way to characterize this but as obstruction of justice," a source tells us, noting that Congress has never before tried to step on an Independent Counsel investigation like this. Surely given the ethical history of the Clinton years, the public deserves to see the report and judge for itself whether the IRS and Justice Department were misused for political purposes.
'Good Sex for Teens': The War Against Abstinence
by Robert Rector
...If contraception is already taught in nearly every school, and condom promotion gets nearly all the government funds, why the push to kill the limited funds for abstinence?...The answer lies with certain interest groups...One article published in its “SIECUS Report” periodical actually encouraged society to overturn the “taboo” against sex among nine-year-olds. The article also asked readers to consider whether society should arrange for “services of prostitutes for older teenage children who are not in a position to seek out sexual partners themselves”...
Ninety Years on, Armenian Massacres are Still Causing Political Fallout
by Jeremy Page and Anthony Browne
...On April 24, 1915, the Young Turk regime had 200 prominent Armenians arrested at the start of what Armenians call a programme to eliminate them from the crumbling Ottoman Empire. About 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered by the Turks, or died of starvation and disease during mass deportations between 1915 and 1918...
The Yucca Mountain Scandal
by Joshua Gilder
...Any rational energy policy will have to include nuclear power generation in the mix of resources our nation relies on in the future. The errant e-mails should certainly be investigated, but short of any major revelations, we should move ahead with the licensing and construction of Yucca Mountain with all deliberate speed.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Big Fat Mistake
by Radley Balko
"We misled you. And we plan to keep on misleading you." That's essentially what the Centers for Disease Control announced this week. The agency said Tuesday that it has greatly over-exaggerated the number of lives lost each year to obesity. After years of putting the figure somewhere between 300,000 and 400,000, the agency now says the net number is just under 26,000, meaning the government has been telling us obesity is fourteen times the threat it actually is, leading policymakers at all levels of governance to prescribe all matter of intrusive, expensive, choice-restrictive public policies aimed at addressing it...
The Conservative Movement at the Crossroads
by Newt Gingrich
...Conservative elected officials increasingly find themselves caught between two impulses: the revolutionary ideas that brought them into power and the need to explain and defend the institutions they inherited. And the longer these good men and women stay in office, the more likely they will be to defend the very bureaucracies and policies against which they once campaigned. The goal to transform government will be gradually overwhelmed by contentment with merely presiding over it...
Acting Globally: An Affordable Hobby
Investor's Business Daily
...Lost in all the [environmentalists'] finger-pointing will be the contribution that capitalism has made to cleaning up the nation and world. Environmentalism is a luxury that flourishes only in nations with advanced economies. And advanced economies are products of capitalist systems...
Data: Index of Leading Environmental Indicators
UAW Plays Deadly Health Care Game
by Thomas Bray
...Canadians can always flee to the United States for surgery denied under their national health system, but where will Americans go when government needs to ration health care? States like Tennessee and Washington that unwisely thought they could move toward universal coverage have been forced to cut benefits sharply in recent years as reality caught up with them...
Related: Don't Get Old
Two U.N. Oil-For-Food Probers Resign
by Desmond O. Butler
Two senior investigators with the U.N. committee probing corruption in the oil-for-food program have resigned in protest, saying they think a report that cleared Kofi Annan of meddling in the $64 billion operation was too soft on the secretary-general, a panel member confirmed yesterday...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Turkey, Armenia, and the Burden of Memory
by Charles Tannock
...The 90th anniversary of the Armenian massacres of 1915, ordered by the ruling Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire, with the help of the Kurds, is another wound that will not heal, but one that must be treated if Turkey’s progress toward European Union membership is to proceed smoothly. It is believed that the Armenian genocide inspired the Nazis in their plans for the extermination of Jews. However, in comparison with the Holocaust, most people still know little about this dark episode...
B16 & Left-Wing Dreams
by Jonah Goldberg
...One of the most interesting aspects of his story is that [Ratzinger] was, by all accounts, a liberal until the year 1968. But during student riots at Tübingen University, where he was teaching, he looked into the soul of the New Left and saw a deep void. "For so many years," he said in an interview years ago, "the 1968 revolution and the terror created — in the name of Marxist ideas — a radical attack on human freedom and dignity, a deep threat to all that is human"...
More: Rome's Radical Conservative
All Not Quiet on the Eastern Front
by James R. Lilley
Throughout history, the United States has played a key role in the power struggle between these two Asian giants. In the nineteenth century it favored Japan, then the United States allied itself with China against Japan in World War II. Today Washington has strong ties to both Asian countries, and how the United States plays its hand could have a crucial impact on the outcome.
Related: Australia's Asia Game     Closer to home: Venezuela and North Korea Connect
An Asian Student Confesses -- 'We Work Harder'
by Larry Elder
...I have a friend who lives in mid-town Los Angeles. Years ago, he invited me to visit a small library at the corner of Olympic and Vermont, an area between the high-rises of downtown and Koreatown. It is about 70 percent Hispanic and 20 percent Asian. At around four-o'clock in the afternoon, outside the library, several Hispanic kids performed incredible tricks on their skateboards. They were jumping, spinning, twirling and showing off their considerable skills. My friend then said, "C'mon, Larry, let's go inside." Inside the library -- standing room only -- were Korean-American kids and their mothers. Not one Latino kid inside the library. Not one...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

'Grandma' Gets Better Day to Day
by Sarah Foster
Ora Mae Magouirk, the 81-year-old Georgia widow at the center of an intense family dispute over her medical treatment and right to live, is growing stronger every day, despite having been denied food and water for nearly two weeks before being airlifted to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center in Birmingham for treatment of an aortic dissection..."she whispered, 'I want a really good chicken sandwich with lots of mayonnaise.'"...Mullinax said that although his aunt's medical condition has greatly improved she is still exhausted and "as weak as a little newborn kitten" – not only from not having adequate nourishment or fluids, "but from the morphine cocktail she was on for several weeks"...
Sam Donaldson: Network News Dead
by Bill McConnell
..."I think it's dead. Sorry," he said during a breakfast panel Tuesday at the National Association of Broadcasters' convention in Las Vegas. "The monster anchors are through"..."God forbid, if someone shot the President, which network would you turn to? It will be cable, the Internet--something other than General Hospital being interrupted"...
Border Patrol Union Supports Minutemen
World Net Daily
..."If only President Bush were so supportive of the rank-and-file agents," the site states. "While President Bush hangs out thousands of miles away in the White House, these people are willing to give up their time and energy to actually do something. While President Bush entices millions of illegal aliens to keep coming with his amnesty proposals and his demoralizing statements that he doesn't want Border Patrol agents chasing 'good-hearted people just coming here to take jobs Americans won't do,' the Minutemen are trying to get our laws enforced...
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A Time for Verities
The Sacramento Union
...Freedom, after all, remains a gift from God, not a political grant from government. Throughout the past century, Europeans have reversed the order, which explains Europe’s continuing stagnation and decadence. Could a German pope revive his country and his continent, much as a Polish pope liberated his enslaved homeland?...A seamless succession, this. Once again, the world has a pope of prodigious intellect and talent—a serious reminder that those qualities open, rather than block, the path to salvation.
Related: Ratzinger Appears to Fulfill Malachy Prophesy

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sermon at the Pre-Conclave Mass
by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
...A dictatorship of relativism is taking shape which recognizes nothing as definite and for the ultimate measure is simply one's own self and its desires. We, instead, have another measure: the Son of God, the true man. He is the measure of true humanism. "Mature" is not a faith that follows the waves of fashion and the latest novelty; of full stature and mature is a faith profoundly rooted in friendship with Christ. It is this friendship that opens us to all that is good and gives us the criteria for discerning between true and false, between trickery and truth...
Compassion, Not Compulsion
by John Fund
...It's been 20 years since Charles Murray exposed the failures of the welfare state in his book "Losing Ground," and nearly a decade since welfare reform passed. It's now time to take the next step and rethink the wisdom of having so much of the responsibility for aiding the poor fall to government bureaucracies rather than private groups. In our daily lives and choices most of us already have done some of that rethinking. Ask yourself: If you had a financial windfall and decided to tithe a portion of it in a way that would best help the less fortunate, would you even think about giving a check or donating time to the government?
College Taught Her Not to be a Heterosexual
by Dennis Prager
...I interviewed Anna Montrose, a bright and articulate 22-year-old woman, on my syndicated radio show. She is a fine example of the type of thinking and behavior a homosexuality-celebrating culture -- such as that at our universities -- produces...
Knowing History and Knowing Who We Are
by David McCullough
Harry Truman once said the only new thing in the world is the history you don’t know. Lord Bolingbroke, who was an 18th century political philosopher, said that history is philosophy taught with examples. An old friend, the late Daniel Boorstin, who was a very good historian and Librarian of Congress, said that trying to plan for the future without a sense of the past is like trying to plant cut flowers...
Provoking Japan
by Peter Brookes
...Washington should be deeply concerned about the growing Tokyo-Beijing rivalry. The U.S. and China just established a high-level "Global Dialogue," and when they meet, Washington must clearly register its concerns with Beijing about the prospects of Chinese adventurism or miscalculation in the region. The U.S. must also caution China that we will stand behind our Japanese ally.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Victor Davis Hanson: 'Something Is Terribly, Terribly Wrong'
World Magazine
...So what is the Asian community doing that its Mexican counterpart is not? Is it family emphasis on education, a sense of separation from the motherland, a tendency to stress achievement rather than victimization, preference for private enterprise rather than government entitlement? We need to discuss these taboo and politically incorrect paradoxes if we really wish to end something like 4 of 10 California Hispanic high-school students not graduating...
International Committee of the Red Cross: Friend or Foe?
by David B. Rivken Jr. & Lee A. Casey
...The ICRC is an advocacy organization that has all but abandoned its primary mission as an impartial humanitarian body under the Geneva Conventions. Unless it mends its ways soon, the ICRC should no longer receive American tax dollars to fund so many activities that are against America's national interest and the U.S. should seriously consider transferring its Geneva Convention functions to a truly impartial entity.
Paris Hiltonomics: Estate Tax Made Her What She Is Today
Opinion Journal
...what liberals call the aristocracy of wealth already exists, despite the current tax, because super-rich families like the Hiltons have always found ways to avoid or mitigate it through offshore accounts, tax-sheltered foundations, and so on. It is the heirs of the not-so-super-rich--the thrifty dentist, the canny investor, the small-business millionaire--who are typically devastated by the tax...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Is Washington Treating Us Like Chumps At The Pumps?
by Ben Lieberman
Gasoline is already more than $2.20 per gallon and climbing, and we’re still months away from the high-demand summer vacation season. So why has the U.S. Senate introduced two bills that would raise prices even further?...
A Paper Tiger Gone Bad
by Michael Brandon McClellan
...If John Bolton does harbor some disdain towards the recent actions of the United Nations, it is important to view that disdain with some perspective. When a heretofore paper tiger begins undermining and opposing the foreign policy actions of the one nation which has consistently fought to ensure global peace and security, a little ambassadorial disdain may perhaps be in order.
The Threat
by Corine Hegland and Greg Webb
...The nuclear threat today, Harney points out, does not stem from the specter of 5-megaton hydrogen bombs raining across the countryside. The Russians aren't coming anymore. The terrorists, however, are. And while waging thermonuclear war is beyond their reach, they might be able to make one or two bombs of the old kind, similar to the 10-plus kiloton one that leveled Hiroshima and rapidly killed 70,000 people. That potential is bad. Very bad. But maybe not as bad, and maybe not as likely, as you might think...
Our Not-So-Wise Experts
by Victor Davis Hanson
...After the failures of all our present critics, this new policy of promoting American values is our last, best hope. And the president will be rewarded long after he leaves office by the verdict of history for nobly sticking to it when few others, friend or foe, would.
Hypocrisy Without DeLay
by Michael Reagan
House Democrats have mounted an attack on Majority Leader Tom DeLay, accusing him of having his wife and daughter on his campaign payroll...They attack DeLay for going on junkets...What’s that old saying? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?
More: Why His Enemies are Desparate to Bring Him Down

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Authorities Free 1 Million Aliens Amid Proceedings
One million people facing immigration proceedings have been released into the general population...of those people, 465,000 are fugitive aliens who have been ordered deported. About 80,000 of those are criminal aliens who have committed an offense in addition to immigration violations...
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Time to Lose LOST
by Marshall Manson
The treaty gives the United Nations firm control over all of the non-territorial water in the world. That’s about 70 percent of the earth’s surface...LOST could force the U.S. government to turn over critical national security information, specifications, and intelligence to other countries...According to Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, some nations, mostly notably China, are using the treaty as legal cover for dramatically expanding their territorial claims over key strategic waterways...
Syria's Non-Withdrawal
by Olivier Guitta
Two recent reports in the Lebanese press suggest that there may be less to Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon than meets the eye...

Friday, April 15, 2005

Eugenics By Abortion: Is Perfection an Entitlement?
by George F. Will
...any abnormality can qualify as a serious handicap because seriousness is determined not by its impact on the disabled person's life chances but by the parents' reluctance to be inconvenienced by it. How else is one to understand abortion as an alternative to surgery that corrects cleft lips and palates?...
The Injustice of 'Tax Justice'
by Richard W. Rahn
...There is an organization called the "Tax Justice Network." Many of its leaders are, or have been, associated with the Fabian socialists in Britain and other socialist groups around the world. Yet, this group just held a "briefing" for members of the U.S. Congress and their staffs...True tax justice would not penalize people who work harder or longer to produce needed and desired goods and services. And true tax justice would not double-tax those who save responsibly and invest productively. Beware "tax justice" socialists trying to steal both our liberties and our words.
The Cardinal: A Story About Selecting the New Pope
by Peggy Noonan
You are a cardinal of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, a modern man, and for the past seven days, in private conversations in Rome with cardinals you trust, you've been admitting what you would never say in public...
Harvesting Illegals
by Mark Krikorian
More than 1,500 of our soldiers in Iraq have given their lives to ensure America’s safety. An emergency military spending bill to keep their comrades supplied with bullets and gasoline passed the House of Representatives last month with the addition of several important domestic security measures, including national standards for state driver’s licenses. The Senate will debate the bill next week, and is considering an addition of its own: amnesty for illegal aliens...
Related: California Counties Crack Down on Criminal Aliens

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Foreign Law Wrong for U.S.
by Terry Eastland
A case now before the Supreme Court provides another reason why American judges should be wary of relying on foreign law in rendering their decisions...
The Character Assassination of John Bolton
by William Kristol
He stands accused of being a "kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy." Nothing could be further from the truth...
The Press Shows its Bias
by Linda Chavez
Tom DeLay is in a heap of trouble -- or so the media would have you believe...After hundreds of hours of investigative work by the nation's biggest news organizations, the evidence of any actual ethical -- much less legal -- breach is pretty thin. Now contrast the media coverage of l'affaire DeLay with, say, the admission by former Clinton National Security Adviser Samuel "Sandy" Berger that he stole and destroyed classified documents that might have shed light on the Clinton administration's failure to take seriously the threat posed by al Qaeda...
It's Only Funny Until Someone Loses a Pie
by Ann Coulter
Liberals enjoy claiming that they are intellectuals, thrilled to engage in a battle of wits. This, they believe, distinguishes them from conservatives, who are religious fanatics who react with impotent rage to opposing ideas...I'm not sure how these descriptions square with the fact that liberals keep responding to conservative ideas by throwing food. (Remember the good old days when liberals' "fact-driven" ideas only meant throwing money at their problems?)...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Divorce-Threatens-Marriage Lie
by Dennis Prager
One of the most frequently offered arguments by proponents of same-sex marriage is that it is not gays wanting to marry a member of the same sex that threatens the institution of marriage, it is the high divorce rate among heterosexuals. One reason this argument is so often made is that it appeals to the religious as well as the secular, to conservatives as well as liberals. This is too bad, because the argument is a meaningless non sequitur...
Aliens Hide from Patrols in Canyons
by Jerry Seper
...Cindy Kolb, who has lived in the area for the past six years, yesterday told The Washington Times that she saw about 300 aliens "huddled in the brush" near her home, waiting to come down the wide, brush-covered washes that cross State Highway 92 to be picked up in vans and trucks headed north. "They're hiding in the bushes, waiting to hook up with the smugglers in the very same area that our children wait for the school bus," said Mrs. Kolb, who waits with her daughter daily, armed with a pistol holstered on her ankle. "Maybe President Bush doesn't care about this, but many of us do," she said...
America the Vulnerable
by Stephen Flynn
...“Homeland security” has entered our national post-9/11 lexicon, but homeland insecurity remains the abiding reality. With the exception of airports, much of what is critical to our way of life remains unprotected...
Closest Kin Prevented from Visiting 'Grandma'
by Sarah Foster
In an intense life-and-death tug-of-war reminiscent of the Terri Schiavo case, the fate of Ora Mae Magouirk is still raging...In the latest twist to the saga, Magouirk's granddaughter, Beth Gaddy, 36, of LaGrange, Ga, who is also her temporary guardian, barred immediate next-of-kin from visiting the stricken woman. No explanation was given, nor were the relatives notified...
U.S. Criticizes Cuba on Human Rights
by Sam Cage
...Chanet's report said Cuban authorities arrested people in 2004 for expressing anti-government opinions, working with international human rights organizations and participating in associations or academic groups deemed counterrevolutionary. Cuba has never allowed a U.N. human rights envoy to visit, claiming such visits could infringe on its sovereignty. Chanet prepared her report based on meetings with campaigners, human-rights investigators and other governments. Washington requested that the commission renew resolutions from previous years condemning Cuba's human rights record, according to the draft text of the resolution...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The U.N., Preying on the Weak
by Peter Dennis
Anyone who was shocked by the most recent revelations of sexual misconduct by United Nations staff has never set foot in a U.N.-sponsored refugee camp. Sex crimes are only one especially disturbing symptom of a culture of abuse that exists in the United Nations precisely because the United Nations and its staff lack accountability...
The Left's Battle to Restore Chaos: Judeo-Christian Values: Part X
by Dennis Prager
...For the Bible, man is created in God's image, animals are not. Indeed, the best way to describe holiness is the movement from the animal-like to the God-like. One of the great human tasks, according to the biblical worldview, is to separate oneself from the animal -- to emulate the holy, not the animal. On the other hand, in the contemporary secular world, every attempt is made to show how similar humans are to the "other animals." By erasing the distinctions that make for an ordered universe, those working to dismantle Judeo-Christian values are working, consciously or not, to restore chaos.
Recent in this Series: Part IX: Choose Life
3 Signs of Impending 'Asian Century'
by James P. Pinkerton
...Thus the three wheels: First, China gets closer to India, as the two nations seek a New Asian Order. Second, China grows more hostile to the United States and Japan. Third, China bolsters nuke-crazy North Korea. Those are three fuses burning across the Pacific, whether we like it or not - whether we know it or not.
Mexican Agency Keeps Eye on Immigrants
by Jerry Kammer
Hector Salazar's chases through the desert creosote and sagebrush west of here last week began like many encounters between illegal immigrants and the U.S. Border Patrol. But Salazar works for the Mexican government. He cruises the rough dirt roads of the sprawling La Morita ranch in an orange pickup emblematic of Grupo Beta, the Mexican agency whose mission is to protect immigrants approaching the border, not to arrest them...
Schiavo's 'Dr. Humane Death' Got 1980 Diagnosis Wrong
by Jeff Johnson
...A 1996 study published in the British Medical Journal found that 43 percent of patients in the United Kingdom thought to be in a PVS had been misdiagnosed. Of the 40 patients whose cases were reviewed, 17 were later found to be "alert, aware and often able to express a simple wish." A 1993 study of 49 patients found that 18 of them, or 37 percent, "were diagnosed inaccurately...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Iraq's New Honchos Have Our Spies to Thank   
by Mark Steyn
...Saddam's old prison state is now the first Arab country with a non-Arab head of state: a Kurd, Jalal Talabani. When you're trying to make sense of the bewildering array of Iraqi politicians who prospered in the January elections, a good rule of thumb is: Chances are they're guys who've been stiffed by the CIA...
Bankruptcy Bill or Welfare for Usurers?
by Debra Saunders
...As a Republican, it disappoints me to say this, but I understand why people call the GOP the party of big business. When Washington pushes for more responsibility among debtors, but not loan-shark-like lenders, when its "ownership society" principles don't make big corporations own up to their role in the bankruptcy problem, the GOP is toadying to big business. (Ditto the 18 Democrats and one independent senator who voted for the bill)...
The Calm After the Patriot Act Storm
by Steve Chapman
...A statement issued by the Justice Department said that "most of the voluminous Patriot Act is actually unobjectionable from a civil liberties point of view" and that "the law makes important changes that give law enforcement agents the tools they need to protect against terrorist attacks." Oops. My mistake. That statement didn't come from the administration. It came from the American Civil Liberties Union...
The Case for Supreme Court Term Limits
by Steven G. Calabresi & James Lindgren
...The current system of life tenure leads to many abuses. Justices time their departures strategically to give presidents they like an appointment. Presidents appoint young candidates to the Court in place of 60-year-olds to maximize their impact on the Court. We believe that Senate confirmations are more bitter because all involved know that they are picking someone who may end up serving 35 years instead of 18, making the stakes much higher...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bossing the Bosses
The Economist
...In different ways, each of these examples appears to point to the same, welcome conclusion: that the imbalance in corporate power of the late 1990s, when many bosses were allowed to behave like absolute monarchs, has been corrected. Alas, appearances can be deceptive. While each of these recent tales of chief-executive woe is a sign of progress, none provides much evidence that the crisis in American corporate governance is yet over. In fact, each of these cases is an example of failed, not successful, governance...
Obstructing Justice
Investor's Business Daily
...Neanderthal? Does Kennedy consider Janice Rogers Brown, nominated to the D.C. Court of Appeals, the first black woman to sit on the California Supreme Court, re-elected with 76% of the vote, the daughter of an Alabama sharecropper, a Neanderthal?...Liberals like Kennedy and Durbin tout "diversity" and "equality," but hypocritically oppose an Hispanic because Estrada is a "dangerous Latino" and Brown because, as a Kennedy staff memo said, "We can't repeat the mistake we made with Clarence Thomas"...
Border Crossings Hinder Training at Arizona Bases
by Karen Schaler
"The smugglers just drive them up the highway and dump them off, and these illegal immigrants stumble right onto our testing range," said Chuck Wullenjohn, spokesman for the Army base..."Having anyone on this range that doesn't belong here is extremely dangerous," said Wullenjohn. "The illegal immigrant issue is becoming a bigger problem all the time"...There is some concern that, besides wandering immigrants, foreign terrorists could cross the Mexican border and infiltrate the Arizona bases to conduct intelligence gathering or commit acts of sabotage...

Saturday, April 09, 2005

How Congress and the Conclave of Cardinals Will Shape the Next Great Debate
by Howard Fineman
...If the 20th century was an argument about the control of economic life--the “means of production and distribution” (Marxist Communism lost), the argument in the 21st century will be about the control of the human genome--the “means of production and distribution” of life itself (Will Huxley’s nightmare come true?)...
Preserve Free Speech
by Diana West
If Kafka met Monty Python, and George Orwell edited their collaboration, they might have come up with something like the following real-life exchange. It took place in an Australian court where two Christian pastors were found guilty of "religious vilification" of Muslims by lecturing to their flock on Islam...Poor, ultimately convicted, Mr. Scot put it best: "How can it be vilifying to Muslims when I am just reading from the Koran?"...
Scapegoating the Spies
by Amir Taheri
In a rare show of unity, the American establish ment has put its partisan tradition aside to praise the presidential commission that has just described prewar intelligence on Iraq as "dead wrong." While we should have no illusions about the efficiency of America's costly, bloated and poorly led intelligence services, it is important not to draw wrong conclusions from the commission's report...
More: Virtues and Sins of Commission
Bush Keeps Low Profile at John Paul II's Funeral
by Bill Sammon
President Bush, determined not to upstage the funeral of Pope John Paul II, kept an unusually low profile in Rome yesterday, although former President Bill Clinton gave a television interview watched by millions...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Pope John Paul II's Will and Testament
..."Keep watch, because you do not know which day when the Lord will come" — These words remind me of the final call, which will come the moment that the Lord will choose. I desire to follow Him and desire that all that is part of my earthly life shall prepare me for this moment. I do not know when it will come, but, like all else, this moment too I place into the hands of the Mother of My Master: Totus Tuus. In the same maternal hands I place All those with whom my life and vocation are bound. Into these Hands I leave above all the Church, and also my Nation and all humanity. I thank everyone. To everyone I ask forgiveness. I also ask prayers, so that the Mercy of God will loom greater than my weakness and unworthiness...
Pope was Born During Solar Eclipse and Leaves with One
...And so now eyes have turned more intently to an old prophecy attributed to the Irish monk St. Malachy O'Morgair -- who supposedly foresaw a succession of popes from his time on by using riddle-like nicknames, with the one fitting the 110th -- John Paul II -- being De Labore Solis, which means "from the labor of the sun"...
Funeral Mass Homily by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
"Follow me." The Risen Lord says these words to Peter. They are his last words to this disciple, chosen to shepherd his flock. "Follow me" – this lapidary saying of Christ can be taken as the key to understanding the message which comes to us from the life of our late beloved Pope John Paul II...
The Pope of the Jews
...With his words and by his example, Pope John Paul II taught us that we must respect our religious differences while forging peaceful bonds based on our common humanity. For the Jewish people, Pope John Paul II leaves a legacy of hope...
Pope Had Profound Respect for Women, Maternity, and Celibacy
...“Ever since he was a young priest, the Holy Father consecrated all of his time to contact with the youth…in order to observe the human person and to truly understand who man is as such.” Karol Wojtila “wanted to save the holiness of human love”...
Be Not Afraid
by Larry Kudlow
It was sometime in 1993 when I first read the great papal encyclical “Splendor of Truth,” written by Pope John Paul II. The slender book was recommended by Fr. C. John McClosky while he was counseling me during the worst personal crisis of my life...
Evangelicals Pray for Rome
by Hugh Hewitt
Between 1,200 and 1,400 young adults at Costa Mesa's fast-growing Rock Harbor church on the first Sunday in April encountered two things that might be unexpected in hyper-hip Orange County. They heard 45 minutes of preaching from the Gospel of John and First Corinthians, and a lengthy prayer for the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church as it gathers in Rome to bury a great man and elect a new pontiff...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

2005 Pig Book Exposes Record $27.3 Billion in Pork!
Citizens Against Government Waste
Congress spent more tax dollars on pork this year than in any other year in history. For fiscal 2005, appropriators stuffed 13,997 projects into the 13 appropriations bills, an increase of 31 percent over last year’s total of 10,656. In the last two years, the total number of projects has increased by 49.5 percent. The cost of these projects in fiscal 2005 was $27.3 billion, or 19 percent more than last year’s total of $22.9 billion. In fact, the total cost of pork has increased by 21 percent since fiscal 2003. Total pork identified by CAGW since 1991 adds up to $212 billion...
France 'Shelters Guilty Rwandans'
BBC News
...witnesses have claimed that French troops were involved in the training of Interahamwe militias, which carried out most of the killings. He added it was only in order to avoid "a diplomatic incident" that the tribunal's prosecutor had not yet named France as one of the countries which refuse to co-operate with the inquiry. France has always denied any direct involvement in the massacres.
Intelligence Critique Fatigue
by Richard A. Posner
...The commission tells us the FBI hopes to get its act together -- by 2010 -- and meanwhile the bureau has managed to move 96 percent of its intelligence budget into divisions not subject to the budgetary authority of the director of national intelligence. I hope bin Laden isn't reading the commission's report.
Marine: "Why I Will Stand the Border ... Again"
by Tod Phillips
...A nasty Mexican gang in Los Angeles called MS22 (you can see their tags on any freeway underpass in Los Angeles) has vowed to resist, with arms, the Minuteman Militia now on the Arizona border. It is interrupting their drug and arms trafficking. They have contracted with al-Qaida to smuggle in some bad people because, they have assured our Middle Eastern brothers, "we can get them over the border"...
More: Minutemen Catch 141 Illegals So Far
Sandy Rolls Over for Bill and Hill
by Dick Morris
...Picture the fevered atmosphere in the months after 9/11. Any indication by the commission investigating the attack that the Clinton administration hadn't taken terrorism seriously would badly damage the former president's reputation and the former first lady's chances. Any loyal adviser would have worked to mitigate the possible damage. The measure of how serious the damage may have been is how far Berger risked falling to prevent it — and how far he did fall rather than reveal why.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Extraordinary Confluence of Events
by Hugh Hewitt
...Those Cardinals who shared with John Paul II an appreciation for the complexity of the world's path and of God's plan for the world can be expected to try to discern the significance of the timing of the conclave...It is an old story in Christianity --in fact the oldest-- that apparent disasters and outrageous injustices lead in fact to the brightest displays of grace...
More reflections: Prophetic Significance of His Death?     If John Paul II was a Mystic, what was His Prophetic Message?     The Human Face of Catholicism     Who was Behind the 1981 Assassination Attempt?     Faith & Free Markets     Why Progressive Westerners Never Understood John Paul II     How a Pope is Elected
Sandy Berger's Crime
The Washington Times
Martha Stewart went to jail for lying to federal investigators. But for lying after stealing highly classified documents from the National Archives -- in an apparent attempt to alter the historical record on terrorism, no less -- former Clinton national security adviser and Kerry campaign adviser Sandy Berger will get a small fine and slap on the wrist...
More: A Dangerous Precedent     Sandy Scissorhands
Hanoi Jane Rides Again
by Michelle Malkin
Jane Fonda just won't shut up. And her crocodile tears will not stop flowing. She has contracted an acute case of Aging Celebrity Hippie Syndrome -- and it's going to land her tell-all memoir on The New York Times best-seller list in no time...Fonda's cynical non-apology "apology" keeps making headlines, just as she and her book publicists had hoped. This isn't about making amends. This is about making money.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Maybe They're Nuts But Minutemen Have Been Effective
by Laurie Roberts
Call the people involved vigilantes. Call them gun nuts. Call them crackpots in camouflage. [I call them "Undocumented Border Patrol Agents"]...Before they even set foot among the scrub oak and chaparral of southeastern Arizona, they have done what politicians and policymakers in this part of the country have been unable to do. They have, as advertisers like to say, reached their target audience...On Wednesday, just two days before the Minutemen assembled on the Arizona-Mexico border, the head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection hightailed it to Tucson to announce a "comprehensive strategy" to secure the border. Suddenly, Arizona is getting 534 new Border Patrol agents. Suddenly, Arizona is getting 23 aircraft to patrol the border, to bolster the 15 here. So urgent is the need, that 155 officers are en route. "The point is, we're determined to take control of our border," Robert Bonner, the border commissioner, said. Well, that's novel...
Photos: Illegals' Impact on Desert Habitat     Video: CNN Report
Facts, figures, and more: Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus     Numbers USA     Federation for American Immigration Reform
Related reality check: There's Nothing Cheap About Immigrant Labor
Past and Future Intelligence
Chicago Tribune
The report by a presidential commission that came out last week is a searing critique of how the U.S intelligence community performed in the run-up to the Iraq war. That bleak story, centered on the embarrassingly mistaken conclusion that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, is already familiar. What is most sobering and alarming in the report, though, is not what it says about the past but what it says about the future...One point to emphasize: The report shreds the cynical contention that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney strong-armed the CIA to hype the Iraq threat...
More Detail: Main Points of the Report
Berger's Burglary
New York Post
Sandy Berger, the top Clinton national security official and erstwhile close adviser to Sen. John Kerry, has finally confessed what he spent nearly a year heatedly denying: that he intentionally smuggled classified documents from the National Archives — and deliberately destroyed them...Of particular interest to Berger were drafts of an after-action review by anti-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke of al Qaeda's thwarted attempt to attack America during the turn of the millennium in 1999...Berger, in other words, lied about the Clinton administration's contempt for national security...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Hero of the Century
...John Paul II was not a politician or a political figure in the conventional sense. He believed the clergy should transcend politics — so much so that he instituted a policy forbidding Catholic clerics to serve in government. He would not countenance the way in which some of the church's representatives, particularly in Latin America, used religious language to justify violent change. His opposition to the idea of "liberation theology" helped stop the march of Communism in Central and South America...
Souls that Give Us a Glimpse of the Divine
by Marianne M. Jennings
...If Congress can dictate disability benefits, medical privacy and any number of long-term care issues, it should make public policy on euthanasia for the disabled who have no living will...
God Shouts
by David Kuo
...In the world of us moderns, death isn’t something we’re supposed to impose on other people. It is a private matter, to be done discreetly. But lately, in very public ways, we've been forced to look at death. How strangely disquieting for all of us who look in the mirror and see bodies we don’t like but believe we can improve–even if it is only through Botox, plastic surgery, or steroids–to see all of the particulars of decay and death play out before us. Part of us screams, “You mean that is going to happen to me?”...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

John Paul II, 1920-2005
by William Kristol
...In the end, however, one returns to what was most simple and most evident about John Paul II: his courage--physical, moral, and intellectual. Aristotle claims that courage is the first of the virtues, because it makes possible all the others. John Paul II demanded that we "learn not to be afraid," that we "rediscover a spirit of hope and a spirit of trust." He grounded that hope and trust on his faith that man "is not alone" but lives with the abiding presence of God. His life invites us to admire human excellence--and to reflect on the question of whether or not such excellence depends on a conviction, like John Paul II's, that man is not, in some fundamental sense, alone.
Coverage: EWTN Comprehensive     Statement: President Bush     Historical: John Paul Before Papacy     Archive: Pontifical Writings     Interactive: The The Man, the Legacy, and More     Profiles: Possible Successors

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Berger Cops to Misdemeanor
War Blog
Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton's former National Security Advisor, will plead guilty to a single misdemeanor tomorrow for taking a raft of classified documents out of the National Archives just ahead of the 9/11 Commission's investigation...the message that this plea deal sends is that the violation itself was little more than a political faux pas instead of the obstruction of justice and clumsy cover-up that it was. The material missing was unique, with specific handwritten notes that directly related to the work the 9/11 Commission did to reconstruct the history of why we were so vulnerable to al-Qaeda's attacks...
U.N. Overhaul Not in U.S. Interests
by Peter A. Brown
The best reason why Kofi Annan should go is the U.N. secretary-general's effort to nudge the body of sovereign nations toward becoming a fledgling world government. Not to minimize the scandal that allowed Saddam Hussein to skim $21 billion while under U.N. sanctions, or to excuse Annan's son's own alleged corruption. But let's be real...Don't you just love the idea of having the Iranians or Chinese trying to tell Washington how to retaliate against a terrorist attack? Not me. How about you?
Senate Opens Door to Alien Amnesty
by Stephen Dinan
The Senate is bracing for its first fight over amnesty for illegal immigrants in nearly 10 years after the chamber's parliamentarian ruled that a debate over granting legal status to illegal agriculture workers will be allowed on the pending emergency spending bill...
Beware of Letting the Unacceptable Become the Norm
by John Kass
...I'm not a flat-worlder. I don't believe dinosaur bones were left behind by demons to confuse us. Galileo Galilei should never have been forced to recant. But just think of what we've been confronted with and asked to accept in a handful of years...
Churchill's Riches
by Mary Grabar
...While we do the bulk of the work, professors like Churchill enjoy the colloquy of graduate seminars and meetings of like-minded radicals. They get books published, earn the awards, and enjoy the limelight. From their offices high up in their ivory towers they pen their screeds against “the technocratic corps,” but do not even see those who labor under them, loaded down with papers, hauling files, followed by students, and searching for a seat and desk.

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Day 'Reasonable Doubt' Fell from Grace
by Kathleen Parker
...Whether Terri Schiavo was conscious of her suffering is the question of essence. Michael Schiavo's lawyer, George Felos, reported during the deathwatch that Terri wasn't suffering and looked "beautiful." Terri's parents thought otherwise. Given the difference of opinion, we might consider the fact that Terri Schiavo was given morphine. Even those tending the dying woman apparently had reasonable doubt. In our world on this day, Death got the benefit of that doubt.
More: How the Justice System Failed Terri Schiavo, and Us     Judging Terri
Related: Hating the "Religious Right"
A New Kind of Irony
by Chuck Colson
...Marjorie Kelly of Business Ethics magazine calls what’s happening “a new kind of Puritanism.” I call it “ironic.” A court overturns a death sentence because jurors consulted a “higher authority,” and corporations fire executives for, in essence, not consulting a higher authority...This need for a “higher authority,” which for most people is religiously derived, is lost on the Times. In its universe, it’s possible to do a “moral assessment” without knowing why we should be moral in the first place. That’s more than ironic; it’s clueless.
Let's Stop Drugging Kids
by Keith Hoeller
...All the signs indicate this method of dealing with our children is not working. It is high time for both parents and schools to find a different method of dealing with troubled children. To paraphrase Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," the fault is not in our children's brains or genes, but in ourselves. It is to our own treatment of children that we must look to find an answer to their problems -- and ours.
A Better Way to Tax -- and to Decommission 'K Street'
by George F. Will
..."K Street" is shorthand for Washington's lawyer-lobbyist complex. It exists to continually complicate and defend the tax code, which is a cornucopia from which the political class pours benefits on constituencies. By replacing the income tax -- Linder had better repeal the 16th Amendment to make sure the income tax stays gone -- everyone and all businesses would pay their taxes through economic choices; K Street's intellectual capital, which consists of knowing how to game the tax code, would be radically depreciated...