"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders." --Samuel Adams

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Next Steps With Iran
by Henry A. Kissinger
...A geopolitical dialogue is not a substitute for an early solution of the nuclear enrichment crisis. That must be addressed separately, rapidly and firmly. But a great deal depends on whether a strong stand on that issue is understood as the first step in the broader invitation to Iran to return to the wider world. In the end, the United States must be prepared to vindicate its efforts to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapons program. For that reason, America has an obligation to explore every honorable alternative.
Illegal Immigrants Burying Border in Garbage
by Tony Davis
...The five-year tab is $62.9 million for all forms of environmental remediation for immigration-related damage across Southeast Arizona, including $23 million for the first year...
And Now, The Good News
by Michael Barone
...most Americans continue to moan and groan about our situation, and to yearn for the holiday from history we seemed to be enjoying in the 1990s. As Barnett argues, "Time is on our side, as are all the major dynamics that count -- energy, investments, demographics, sheer firepower, enduring ingenuity, strength of our societies, our enduring resilience." With fits and starts, the core is expanding, connectivity is increasing, and the gap is closing.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Katyusha World: Surviving in the Age of Very Short-Range Missiles
By Daniel Henninger
...It was only a few weeks ago that all of us were learning how to pronounce "Taepodong," a long-range ballistic missile that North Korea periodically lobs as a "test" in the direction of the unprotected population of Japan. After this week it is getting hard to pretend that the threat of missiles is something we don't have to think about...

Berserk 'Peace' Activism

by Michelle Malkin
...If the "peace" activists gone wild had an iota of the same anger, contempt and callousness toward the jihadists that they have toward us, we would be a lot closer to achieving the peace they love to preach.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Report: DHS Spent $34 Billion on Bad Contracts
Associated Press
...Faulty airport screening machines, unused mobile homes for hurricane victims and lavish employee office space — complete with seven kitchens, a gym and fancy artwork — were among 32 contracts on which Homeland Security overspent, the report found. "The cumulative costs to the taxpayer are enormous," concluded the report, which was prepared for Reps. Tom Davis, R-Va., and Henry Waxman, D-Calif., who head the House Government Reform Committee...
Target: Hezbollah--Why the Fighting is So Tough
by Ralph Peters
Israel and its armed forces are rightfully proud of all they have achieved in the last six decades. But they shouldn't be too proud to learn from their enemies: In warfare, strength of will is the greatest virtue.
Related: Hanson: The Vocabulary of Untruth
6 + 4 = 1 Tenuous Existence
by Sam Quinones
...Today, the Magdalenos in Lexington earn more than they did in Los Angeles, in a city where the cost of living is lower. Kentucky is now their promised land, and they talk about California the way they used to talk about Mexico. "What we weren't able to do in many years in California," Alejandra said, "we've done quickly here. "We're in a state where there's nothing but Americans. The police control the streets. It's clean, no gangs. California now resembles Mexico — everyone thinks like in Mexico. California's broken"...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Lost Moral Bearings
by Charles Krauthammer
...What other country sustains 1,500 indiscriminate rocket attacks into its cities -- every one designed to kill, maim and terrorize civilians -- and is then vilified by the world when it tries to destroy the enemy's infrastructure and strongholds with precision-guided munitions that sometimes have the unintended but unavoidable consequence of collateral civilian death and suffering?...
Bolton Merits a Permanent Job
by Peter Brookes
...Critics say Bolton isn't popular with his U.N. colleagues. Good! The likely reason is that Bolton actually expects them to do something, like solve world problems and clean up the U.N.'s act...
Democrats Oppose Bill Denying Attorneys' Fees In Church-State Suits
by Josh Gerstein
...The bill's chief sponsor, Rep. John Hostettler, a Republican of Indiana, said it is needed because the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups have used the threat of large legal fee awards to intimidate local governments into dropping religious references in seals, monuments, and elsewhere. "They capitulate to these organizations and their often questionable pronouncement of what is or isn't constitutional," the congressman said. "I believe it's time to bring this extortion to an end"...
When Eminent Domain Loses
by Duncan Currie
...All told, the Ohio Supreme Court delivered a smashing victory for property owners--and for common sense. Will it herald a change in the momentum of eminent-domain abuse? That depends on whether other states--and state courts--follow Ohio's lead. Already the tide may be shifting.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Fragility of the Good Life
by Victor Davis Hanson
...Prosperity can also be deceiving. Many Americans, despite superficial affluence, are in debt and often a paycheck away from insolvency. By historical standards, they are pretty helpless. Most of us can't grow our own food, don't know how cars work and have no clue where or how electricity is generated. In short, few have the smarts to survive if the thin veneer of civilization were to be lost, as it has been from time to time in places like downtown New Orleans...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Case Closed: The Truth About the Iraq-Niger "Yellowcake" Nexus
by Christopher Hitchens
...our incompetent and divided government grew so nervous as to disown the words that appeared in the 2003 State of the Union address. But the facts are still the facts, and it is high time that they received one-millionth of the attention that the "Plamegate" farce has garnered.
Marshals: Innocent People Placed On 'Watch List' To Meet Quota
...One example, according to air marshals, occurred on one flight leaving Las Vegas, when an unknowing passenger, most likely a tourist, was identified in an SDR for doing nothing more than taking a photo of the Las Vegas skyline as his plane rolled down the runway. "You're saying that was not an accurate portrayal of a potential terrorist activity?" Kovaleski asked. "No, it was not," an air marshal said. "It was a marshal trying to meet a quota ..." Kovaleski said...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Failure To Solve Palestinian Question Empowers Iran
by Mark Steyn
A few years back, when folks talked airily about "the Middle East peace process" and "a two-state solution," I used to say that the trouble was the Palestinians saw a two-state solution as an interim stage en route to a one-state solution. I underestimated Islamist depravity. As we now see in Gaza and southern Lebanon, any two-state solution would be an interim stage en route to a no-state solution...
Related: Israel's War Separates Decent Left From Indecent Left
Cuba Drills For Oil Off Florida
by Patrice Hill
Cuba is drilling for oil 60 miles off the coast of Florida with help from China, Canada and Spain even as Congress struggles to end years of deadlock over drilling for what could be a treasure trove of offshore oil and gas. Republicans in Congress have tried repeatedly in the past decade to open up the outer continental shelf to exploration, and Florida's waters hold some of the most promising prospects for major energy finds. Their efforts have been frustrated by opposition from Florida, California and environmental-minded legislators from both parties...
Lieberman: Democrats' Version of John McCain
by Debra Saunders
...That's when the table got quiet. It is one thing for Democrats to feel superior to rube Republicans who don't like McCain because he is not sufficiently doctrinaire. When, however, a Democrat gets along with Republicans and espouses moderate positions, well then, he is a turncoat, plain and simple. The episode demonstrated how voters value bipartisanship -- from the other side, only...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Aboard Mercy, the US Navy Hospital Ship
by Richard Halloran
...Mercy is part of a U.S. effort to persuade Muslims not to support terrorists..."What Mercy does," he said, "is to allow a force of good to go someplace, do good work and show people that there are alternatives to some of the forces that are in play in their part of the world"...
In Real World, Nature Requires Managing
by Thomas Bray
...mankind, after all, is a part of nature. And in the real world, nature requires some managing. Remember the "let-burn" philosophy that led to the destructive Yellowstone fires of 1988? The view of nature as some sort of static phenomenon that must be protected from any human imprint is as unnatural as it is unrealistic- and in the end a threat to nature itself...
Our Gambling Addiction
by Jon Talton
...The "worship of unearned riches" has become an American religion, in the words of writer James Howard Kunstler. As Americans fail to save for their retirement and the nation faces massive foreign debts, it's not just pop culture that encourages them to look for the quick payout. Public policy profits from, well, vice and weakness...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Journal  
Hugh Hewitt discusses the week's events including Bush's first veto as President, the ongoing conflict in Israel, and a surprising court ruling in New York. Guests include Newt Gingrich, Charles Krauthammer, Joel Mowbray, Robert Georges, and Dr Albert Moller.
A Strange War
by Victor Davis Hanson
...So after 9/11, the London bombings, the Madrid murders, the French riots, the Beslan atrocities, the killings in India, the Danish cartoon debacle, Theo Van Gogh, and the daily arrests of Islamic terrorists trying to blow up, behead, or shoot innocent people around the globe, the world is sick of the jihadist ilk. And for all the efforts of the BBC, Reuters, Western academics, and the horde of appeasers and apologists that usually bail these terrorist killers out when their rhetoric finally outruns their muscle, this time they can’t...
UN's Legacy of Shame in Timor
by Lindsay Murdoch
...UN peacekeepers in East Timor have previously been accused of offences including child sex abuse, bestiality, and coercing women and children into prostitution. No one has ever been charged. But the report reveals for the first time that babies born to UN peacekeepers have been abandoned without financial support...
US Accused of Siding With 'Criminals and Jihadists' in Kosovo
by Nathan Burchfiel
...Since 1999, the Kosovar Albanians have targeted Serbian Orthodox Christians, according to Artemije, allegedly burning down more than 150 churches, driving more than 220,000 Christians from the region and killing thousands more...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Science Magazine's Stem Cell Scam
by Michael Fumento
Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) receive tremendous media attention, with oft-repeated claims that they have the potential to cure virtually every disease known. Yet there are spoilsports, self included, who point out that they have yet to even make it into a human clinical trial. This is even as alternatives — adult stem cells (ASCs) from numerous places in the body as well as umbilical cord blood and placenta — are curing diseases here and now and have been doing so for decades. And that makes ESC advocates very, very angry...
The Great U.N. Delusion
by Jonah Goldberg
Once again the "international community" is clamoring for the United Nations to fix things in the Middle East. It's reminiscent of an episode of "The Simpsons" in which Homer is in dire straits. In a panic, he yells heavenward, "I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman!"...If religion is the opiate of the masses, then the United Nations is the opiate of the elites...
The PLA: Made in the USA
by William R. Hawkins
In the annual report on Military Power of the People’s Republic of China, issued by the office of the Secretary of Defense on May 23, Beijing’s military buildup is set within a foreign policy at odds with the security interests of the United States on every front...What has not gotten the attention it deserves is the role American business plays in supporting Beijing’s rise to power...
A Global Body Parts Bazaar
by Debra J. Saunders
...Countries need to pass laws that require doctors to report patients who obtain trafficked organs. Medical groups should not invite Chinese transplant surgeons to conferences. Meanwhile, if the PRC wants to convince the world that it is not harvesting organs from Falun Gong members, it needs to allow human-rights organizations to inspect re-education camps and interview prisoners...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pacifists Versus Peace
by Thomas Sowell
..."Peace" movements are among those who take advantage of this widespread inability to see beyond rhetoric to realities. Few people even seem interested in the actual track record of so-called "peace" movements -- that is, whether such movements actually produce peace or war...
19 minutes - How Long UK's Working Parents Give Their Children
by Becky Barrow
...Maire Fahey, editor of Prima, said: "In the 1980s, we thought we could have it all and aspired to high-flying careers and happy families. "But the cracks are starting to show. Family life is suffering and something has got to give"...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hezbollah is Here
by Michelle Malkin
Sheeple thought of the day: "Hezbollah is not my problem." You think Hezbollah is only Israel's headache? Wake up. Iranian Hezbollah's spokesman Mojtaba Bigdeli's threat on Tuesday to dispatch 2,000 operatives "to every corner of the world to jeopardize Israel and America's interests" is more than just idle Islamic heavy breathing...
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Senate Immigration Bill 'Far Worse' Than in '86
by Charles Hurt
...In addition to providing legalization to about four times as many illegal aliens as did the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), witnesses said, the current bill also repeats mistakes made 20 years ago that will render the border-enforcement provisions and employer sanctions meaningless...
Drill Our Own
by Terence Jeffrey
...the moratorium puts an astounding amount of domestic oil off limits to development -- thus artificially inflating the cost of gasoline for American families, while keeping the country more dependent on foreign oil than necessary...
More: Running Out of Oil?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

North American 'Trusted Traders' Begin Rolling on the NAFTA Super-Corridor
by Jerome R. Corsi
...Whether moving by car, truck, or rail, government-issued electronics including biometric North American Union border passes will be all that is necessary to allow free passage, provided a toll is charged and collected.
What China Really Wants
by Peter Brookes
...China's rise may be "peaceful and harmonious," as Beijing asserts. But its ambitions far exceed its historical sphere of influence. Aspiring to replace the United States as the lone superpower, it will inevitably use its growing global influence to balance - if not thwart - U.S. interests whenever necessary.
How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy
by Steven Malanga
...If America is ever to make immigration work for our economy again, it must reject policies shaped by advocacy groups trying to turn immigration into the next civil rights cause or by a tiny minority of businesses seeking cheap labor subsidized by the taxpayers...
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Monday, July 17, 2006

U.S. Lawmen Outgunned Along Mexican Border
by Joseph Farah
...U.S. police officers and Border Patrol agents facing superior firepower from drug cartels, criminal street gangs and human smugglers based in Mexico? Yes, say law enforcement officials – and the situation is getting worse, not better...
The Middle East Conflict is Hard To Solve But Easy To Explain
by Dennis Prager
The Arab and other Muslim enemies of Israel (for the easily confused, this does not mean every Arab or every Muslim) want Israel destroyed. That is why there is a Middle East conflict. Everything else is commentary...
Related: Israel Under Fire: Myths and Facts
Foreign Companies Buy U.S. Roads, Bridges
...On a single day in June, an Australian-Spanish partnership paid $3.8 billion to lease the Indiana Toll Road. An Australian company bought a 99-year lease on Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway, and Texas officials decided to let a Spanish-American partnership build and run a toll road from Austin to Seguin for 50 years...
Senate Bill Creates Terrorist Loophole
by Kris W. Kobach
...In other words, if the Senate bill became law, Congress would exercise its power to “preempt” state and local action and strip police officers of arrest authority for civil violations of immigration law. If the Senate bill had been in effect in 2001, none of the hijackers who had violated immigration law could have been arrested by local police because all of the hijackers had committed civil violations...
Are You Ready for Your North American Union ID Card?
by James Plummer
...What all this means is that we are facing a situation where U.S. and Canadian drivers’ licenses, which Americans need to drive to work, go to a tavern, and generally navigate day-to-day life, will contain sensitive personal biometric information, interlinked and readable by the governments of Canada and Mexico...
China’s Empire-Builders Sweep Up African Riches
by R.W. Johnson
...Human rights activists are appalled at the way Beijing has ignored scruples that have made many western investors wary of dealing with regimes like those of Zimbabwe and Sudan. “Wherever there are resources the Chinese are going to go there,” says Peter Takirambudde, head of the Africa division of Human Rights Watch. “They see no evil. They hear no evil. That’s very bad for Africans...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend Journal: New Chapter for the Middle East  
Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt candidly discuss what the Israel/Lebanon conflict means for the region and for the world.
The Rogues Strike Back: Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah vs. Israel
by Robert Satloff
Iran thumbs its nose at Western diplomats and continues nuclear enrichment. Hamas's chief, speaking from Damascus, boasts about kidnapping an Israeli soldier. Hezbollah launches a cross-border raid, prompting Israeli retaliation in Beirut and a return volley of rockets on northern Israel. Just another bleak week in the hopeless Middle East? Regrettably, no. This one was different. This was the week the Dark Side went on the offensive...
Has Bush or the World Changed? About “Cowboy Diplomacy”
by Victor Davis Hanson
...One obvious difference from the first administration is the added nuclear component to the most recent pressing crises. Taking out the Taliban and Saddam Hussein did not involve an immediate threat of nuclear retaliation. Preempting against North Korea does run such risk — and perhaps very soon Iran will too. That requires a different strategy. The second change from the immediate past is oil...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Senate Denies Funds for New Border Fence
by Charles Hurt
..."We do a lot of talking. We do a lot of legislating," said Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Republican whose amendment to fund the fence was killed on a 71-29 vote. "The things we do often sound very good, but we never quite get there"...
'We Solve More Problems Than We Create'
by Henry I. Miller
...U.S. regulatory costs in 2005 were approximately $1.13 trillion, equal to almost half of all of the government's discretionary, entitlement and interest spending ($2.47 trillion), and much larger than the sum of all corporate pre-tax profits -- $874 billion. Much of the expenditure on regulation is ill-spent on (to paraphrase Mr. Lomborg) the most expensive cures that do the least good...
G7 + 1 Autocracy?
by K. Caldwell Harmon
...Clearly, the Russian people are still responsible for choosing freedom for themselves. In this regard there is little that the G8 can do over a weekend to alter present circumstances. G8 members can, however, use this Summit as a venue to hold Mr. Putin publicly accountable for his policies. Pressure to free the press would be a good start.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The War Comes to Us
by Robert Tracinski
If, in the face of repeated threats and provocation by an aggressive dictatorship, you refuse to go to war, the war will eventually come to you. That's the meaning of Iran's de facto declaration of war against Israel--which is, ultimately, a new war Iran is waging against the US. Iran is so desperate for war with the West that it is bringing the war to us, openly and willfully initiating a regional conflict that may soon involve three of Iran's proxies--Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria--fighting against America's proxy, Israel...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The New York Tunnels and the 'Broken Windows' Approach
by Fred Burton
...As this case clearly demonstrates, the counterterrorism approach has shifted from one based on waiting until a strike is about to be carried out -- and then "making the big case" -- to one based on the concept of pre-emption and taking action at the earliest possible stage...
Bush Needs to Better Explain Complex Terror War
by Victor Davis Hanson
...So, there are many fronts in our struggle against Islamic terrorists from the 7th century. The American people must be reminded of our challenges constantly in lieu of platitudes about the inevitable triumph of freedom and democracy. In short, our government should provide much more explanation of this complex war and far less simple declarations about it.
‘La Raza’ Schools: Your Tax Dollars at Work
by Michelle Malkin
...President Bush pays lip service to immigration enforcement and assimilation, while the White House sends Karl Rove to make nice with the separatist leaders of The Race and the Bush Education Department showers our tax dollars on radical Reconquista schools. It doesn't add up. Unless, of course, you're using Aztec math.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Mumbai Terrorist Attack
by Austin Bay
...In the last decade, India's economy has grown -- at times spectacularly. As the world's largest democracy, India serves as a political example to other developing nations who confront ethnic divisions, illiteracy and poverty. Terrorists of all stripes despise democracy, for democracy means having to respect the interests of human beings who are political opponents. Rattling India seeds doubt in the fragile nation-states of the developing world. But don't expect India to waver...
First to Fall, First Forgotten
by Richard A. Serrano
...Almost a year before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Pepe became the first victim of Al Qaeda terrorists in America while he was on duty at the jail. A top lieutenant to Osama bin Laden stabbed him in the eye, but his name has barely registered outside New York. Unlike the Sept. 11 victims and families, Pepe has struggled to recover in almost complete anonymity...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How Liberals Injure Blacks
by Dennis Prager
...apparently it is the norm in American life to so fear being called a racist that individuals as well as institutions react to blacks as they would to children -- humoring them rather than taking them seriously...It would seem that anyone with equal respect for blacks would judge and talk to them just as they would all other people. But high schools and universities, newspapers and television, the Democratic Party and other liberal institutions have made it very difficult to do so...
People Power
by Thomas Sowell
...Incidentally, the real issue is not how feasible it is to round up and deport 12 million illegals. The real issue is how you prevent 12 million from becoming tens of millions more by allowing amnesty. There were only about 3 million illegal aliens when an amnesty bill was passed 20 years ago, leading that number to quadruple. Do we want today's 12 million illegals to quadruple?...
Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Puppies of War
by Spengler
...Wars start because no one wants to disown his dog. If your dog bites a neighbor, your neighbor well might come after you with a shotgun. Nicholas II of Russia, I observed recently, did not want war in 1914 and until the end of July insisted that no war would break out. But the Serbian puppies supported by his secret service dragged him into it willy-nilly. The past week's events in the Middle East have a disturbing feel of July 1914 about them...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Jimmy Carter Damaged Our Nation's Security
...As someone who spent a military career in service to my country for four years under his tenure, I am insulted and infuriated by his self-serving claims of his exploits on behalf of tin-horn governments. All the while he exposed military secrets and applied an ax to the U.S. military to further his pacifist fantasies...
Russia Offered To Help N. Korea
by Michael Hirst
Russia secretly offered to sell North Korea technology that could help the rogue state protect nuclear stockpiles and safeguard weapons secrets from international scrutiny, but officials backed off after the arms flirtation was publicized...
'Aid Only Feeds Africa's Corruption'
by Carl Mortishead
...Vast sums vanished into the pockets of politicians and corrupt government officials. Money from Western taxpayers, corporations and individual donations raised with rock star endorsement was siphoned into private bank accounts. The scandal eventually forced the Global Fund to suspend its $200 million (£110 million) grant to Uganda. “The sick and dying in hospitals never saw the money,” he says...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Townhall.com Weekend Journal  
hosted by Hugh Hewitt
North Korea's missile testing, the mainstream media's leak of sensitive national security info, the real reasons the rich are rich and the poor are poor, Tom DeLay's legacy, the Mt. Soledad cross decision, Laura Bush's faith, and feminist Linda Hirshman's thesis that women are obligated to not stay home with their kids and more are the subjects of this week's broadcast.
A Call to Honor the Sabbath
by Henry G. Brinton
The Fourth Commandment isn't just good faith; it's good living. Whether you're a believer or not, the good book's wisdom about rest should be heeded more often in our 24/7 world...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Subtexts of War: Culture, Oil, and Reckless Dissent
by Victor Davis Hanson
...when the fifth anniversary of this war approaches this September, we are no closer to energy independence than we were in 2001. There is no better proof of this than our continual appeasement of rich sheiks who have ensured that the venom of their own incoherent imams reaches billions. Finally, there are a number of influential Americans — let us be frank — who want us to forfeit this effort in Iraq...For them, collateral damage to America is worth the risk incurred by their own sleazy rhetoric...
Inside the Guantanamo "Gulag"
by Cliff Kincaid
..."It includes a state-of-the-art hospital, exercise equipment, a ping-pong table, a soccer field, and basketball and volleyball courts. The U.S. government spends $12.68 per prisoner daily on a 4,200-calorie diet of culturally appropriate meals, including steak, fish, chicken, rice, fresh fruit and vegetables. The average detainee at Guantanamo weighs 6 pounds more than when he arrived"...
Why We're Rallying Outside Pendleton
by Kristin Shaffer
...We originally demonstrated because these eight men were shackled, put in solitary confinement and had coercive interrogations three weeks before any charges were filed against them. We hope our servicemen are able to receive a fair trial and "due process" based on the actions of those in charge of their treatment...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Iraq How-to Manual Directed Arab Military Operatives In Afghanistan
by Ray Robinson
...The document, apparently written before the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, could bolster the Bush administration's contention that Saddam Hussein was providing support for Islamic extremists who were plotting against America...
Another 'Inconvenient Truth': Gore Rhymes with Bore
by Peter Bronson
...I went to see it on the other day...Here's what I learned...Gore invented clean air...Gore's majority of scientists who believe in global warming are not climate scientists. Their diagnosis of global warming is like getting heart surgery from a podiatrist...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

About our 'Dictator'
by Jeff Jacoby
...For better or worse, our legal system as it has evolved makes the judiciary, not the president, "the decider." Bush presses his claims forcefully, as he is entitled to do -- but only to a point. We remain a nation of laws, not of men. For all the promiscuous talk about dictatorship, was that ever really in doubt?
The Media's Selective Coverage of the Terror War
by Jack Kelly
We in journalism are selective about what we think you need to know in the war on terror....Is it because journalists who don't mind clueing al Qaida in on our secrets don't think you need to know Saddam's?
Related: Our Troops Deserve Better Than a Vietnam-era Press

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Fraud of Primitive Authenticity  
by Spengler
...Why, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, does popular culture portray primitives as peace-loving folk living in harmony with nature, as opposed to rapacious and brutal civilization?...
Thank God for Moral Violence
by Dennis Prager
Let us make war on the phrase "violence doesn't solve anything." It is a lie, and anyone who utters it cannot be taken morally seriously...It was violence that destroyed Adolf Hitler and Nazism. Only violence. Not talk. Not negotiations. Not good will. It is violence used by police that stops violent criminals from murdering or otherwise hurting innocent people. There are many innocent men and women alive today solely because some policeman used violence to save their lives...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!
The Forgotten Founder
Opnion Journal
...For many, perhaps most, of the Founders, Morrison observes, the chain of reasoning ran thus: "no republic without liberty, no liberty without virtue, and no virtue without religion." John Witherspoon did as much as anyone to nurture that understanding. Which is perhaps yet another reason he is less known today than other figures from the period. Whether that is a sign of our maturity and sophistication or only, as Witherspoon might put it, our pride and natural depravity is a question we might do well ponder.
Thinking about Lincoln, The Great Liberator
by Scott Johnson
...The constitutional powers of the commander-in-chief in time of war are critical to the system established by the framers. Lincoln's analysis and exercise of the commander-in-chief's war powers during the Civil War both serve to illuminate those powers. Given the Supreme Court's decision in the Hamdan case this past week, it may be an opportune moment to revisit some history...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Court Finds a Right to Jihad in the Constitution
by Mark Steyn
...The U.S. Supreme Court has now blown a hole in the animating principle behind the Geneva Conventions by choosing to elevate an enemy that disdains the laws of war in order to facilitate the bombing of civilian targets and the beheading of individuals. The argument made by Justice John Paul Stevens is an Alice-In-Jihadland ruling that stands the Conventions on their head in order to give words the precise opposite of their plain meaning and intent...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Beyond the News: Weekend Journal
Salem Radio Network
This week's broadcast looks at the near schisms within the Episcopal Church USA and the Presbyterian Church USA, the threat of North Korea, Press Secretary Tony Snow on illegal immigration, fact and fiction on climate science, a valedictory address that was cut off when God was mentioned, and more.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Defending the Flag
by Ben Stein
...there are already immense exceptions to the doctrine of free speech. What occurs to little me is that if we can tell a man he'll go to jail for calling a black man a name that any child can hear a thousand times a day on rap radio stations, why can't we say it's also a slur to people's feelings -- especially veterans' feelings -- to burn the flag?...
Kerry's War
by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
...The fact that John Kerry has not allowed these records to be opened to the general media is suspicious, no? The fact that he continues to make his military record an issue is still more evidence that a delusional man can be a funny man...
Hands Off the Net
by Brian C. Anderson
It’s a good thing that Congress seems to recognize—for now—that regulating the Internet is an acute danger to free political speech in America. Thanks primarily to Republican efforts, both the House and (narrowly) the Senate have fought back a push to establish in law the principle of “network neutrality”...