"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders." --Samuel Adams

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Lessons of Vietnam
by Henry A. Kissinger
...A strategic design cannot be achieved on a fixed, arbitrary deadline; it must reflect conditions on the ground. But it also must not test the endurance of the American public to a point where the outcome can no longer be sustained by our political process. In Iraq, rapid, unilateral withdrawal would be disastrous. At the same time, a political solution remains imperative...
Bush's Detention Facilities
by Jerome R. Corsi
...The new directive concentrates an unprecedented amount of emergency authority in the office of the president, specifying that the president now has the authority to direct "National Essential Functions" of all federal state, local, territorial and tribal governments, as well as private sector organizations in the event of a national emergency...
Report Confirms Terror Dry Run
by Audrey Hudson
..."Agency management was not only covering up numerous probes and dry-run encounters from Congress and other federal law-enforcement agencies, it was also hiding these incidents from their own flying air marshals," said P. Jeffrey Black, an air marshal stationed in Las Vegas...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Hard Truth About Leaving Iraq
by Ed Koch
To those who believe that when America leaves Iraq, Islamic terrorists will be satisfied and stop fighting, I say this: wake up. The hard truth is that if we leave Iraq, the terrorists will continue their attacks on Americans everywhere, including our homeland. And they will use Iraq as the new base of their terrorist regime...
Related: Pelosi's Common Ground With Assad, Ahmadinejad
The Double 'Thank-You' Moment
by John Stossel
...I suspect ignorance about economics leads many to believe that when two people exchange goods and money, one wins and the other loses. If rich capitalists profit, the poor and the weak suffer. That's a myth...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is China Trying to Poison Americans and Their Pets?
World Net Daily
U.S. market flooded with foods unfit for humans, tainted with carcinogens, pesticides, bacteria, drugs...
Carter's Red Carpet
Investor's Business Daily
On President Jimmy Carter's watch, more territory was lost to tyranny than at any other time since Yalta. And he'd have us return to those thrilling days of yesteryear...
Also in this series: Iran: Carter's Habitat For Inhumanity

Monday, May 28, 2007

America's Honor
by Peter Collier
...We impoverish ourselves by shunting these heroes and their experiences to the back pages of our national consciousness. Their stories are not just boys' adventure tales writ large. They are a kind of moral instruction. They remind of something we've heard many times before but is worth repeating on a wartime Memorial Day when we're uncertain about what we celebrate. We're the land of the free for one reason only: We're also the home of the brave.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Carter Planted Seeds Of Al-Qaida
Investor's Business Daily
...Carter's insistence that America must be weak led directly to Islamic mass murderers becoming powerful enough to slaughter thousands of innocent Americans — and to their current ambition to incinerate millions of us.
More from the Jimmy Carter Profile in Incompetence Series
U.S. Selling Out Bosnian Christians to Muslims, Serb Leader Says
by Kenneth R. Timmerman
The man who helped overthrow Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic says the State Department is pressuring him to hand over Christian Bosnia to its powerful Muslim neighbor, threatening the delicate balance that ended the Bosnian War...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A History of Empty Words, Claims on Immigration
by George Will
...In an attempt to anesthetize people who sensibly say "border control and workplace enforcement first," important provisions of the legislation would supposedly be "triggered" only when control of the border is "certified" by the president. But in what looks like a parody of the Washington mentality, certification would be triggered not by border control but by the hiring of border control agents and other spending. So, the supposedly hardheaded aspects of the legislation actually rest on the delusion that spending equals the achievement of the intention behind the spending...
Is Sky Falling on America?
by Victor Davis Hanson
...Does any nation have a constitution comparable to ours? Does merit -- or religion, tribe or class -- mostly gauge success or failure in America? What nation is as free, stable and transparent as the U.S.? Try becoming a fully accepted citizen of China or Japan if you were not born Chinese or Japanese. Try running for national office in India from the lower caste. Try writing a critical op-ed in Russia or hiring a brilliant female to run a mosque, university or hospital in most of the Middle East...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Look Who's Talking
Investor's Business Daily
So Jimmy Carter calls the Bush administration "the worst in history." This from the man who wrecked the world's greatest economy and made a nuclear Iran and North Korea possible...
Next in this 10-part "Profile in Incompetence" series: 'Malaise' Maestro
New Immigration Bill Makes Taxpayers Pay Illegal Alien Legal Bills
Southwest Nebraska News
..."If passed, this bill will make taxpayers pay the legal bills for illegal aliens seeking amnesty. Tucked away on page 317 is a provision that would allow lawyers in the federally-funded legal services program to represent illegal aliens, which they are presently barred from doing"...
Report: John Edwards Charges $55,000 for Speech on Poverty
Fox News
...That's how much the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate negotiated for his fee to speak to 1,787 people at the taxpayer-funded school in January 2006, according to financial disclosures...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Amnesty Fraud
by Thomas Sowell
...All across this country, illegal aliens are being caught by the police for all sorts of violations of American laws, from traffic laws to laws against murder. Yet in many, if not most, places the police are under orders not to report these illegal aliens to the federal government...Incidentally, remember that 700-mile fence that Congress authorized last year? Only two miles have been built. That should tell us something about how seriously they are going to enforce other border security provisions in the current bill.
There He Goes Again
by Bill Murchison
"Pot calling the kettle black" is how we might feel tempted to characterize Jimmy Carter's embarrassing assault on George W. Bush and Tony Blair for their part in liberating Iraq: "overt reversal of America's values," "abominable," "subservient"...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Capitulation, from A------ to Z
by Mark Steyn
...The economists may see the vast human tide as an army of much-needed hotel maids and farm workers and nurses and plumbers, but to assume that everyone on the planet sees themselves as primarily an economic entity is complacent and (post-Sept. 11) obtusely deluded. The political class' urge to capitulate on the integrity of the national border sends as important a message to the world about American will as their urge to capitulate on Iraq.
More: Voting in the Shadows
Canadians Don't Care for Sicko
by Peter Howell
...Canadian journalists spoke of the long wait times Canadians face for health care, much longer than the few minutes Moore suggests in Sicko. Moore, who has come under considerable fire for factual inaccuracies in his films, parried back with more questionable claims...
Student Shown "Inconvenient Truth" in 4 Classes
by Kevin Libin
Even climate change experts say many of the claims in Al Gore's film are wrong...."This is just being poured into kids' brains instead of letting them know there's a debate going on," she says. "An educational system falls down when they start taking one side."

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Townhall.com Weekend Journal
Salem Radio Network
Can presidential frontrunner Rudy Giuliani win as a pro-choice candidate? Prager quizzes Dr. Richard Land on why he won’t vote for him; Medved articulates how Giuliani should respond to the issue; & Bennett discusses the topic with Bill Kristol; Hewitt speaks with Senator Jim DeMint about the dangers of the fairness doctrine. Paul Edwards discusses this same issue with Hewitt & Richard Land; Michael Medved honors Jerry Falwell’s scandal-free legacy.
Bush Removes Provision Requiring Back Taxes from Illegal Immigrants
by Michael Kranish
The Bush administration insisted on a little-noticed change in the bipartisan Senate immigration bill that would enable 12 million undocumented residents to avoid paying back taxes or associated fines to the Internal Revenue Service, officials said. An independent analyst estimated the decision could cost the IRS tens of billions of dollars...
Meanwhile: 'La Raza' Has Virtual Veto Over Bill
Man Who Claimed War Crimes in Iraq Charged With Falsifying Record
by Gene Johnson
Jesse Adam Macbeth, 23, formerly of Phoenix, garnered much attention on blogs and in some alternative media after he began claiming in 2005 to have been awarded a Purple Heart for his service, which he said included slaughtering innocents in a Fallujah mosque...
Document(ed) Thief
Investor's Business Daily
...With all these questions unanswered, it's hard to be confident in Justice Department assurances that national security was not jeopardized by Berger's actions...Yes, we'd like answers to these troubling questions. But we're a bit worried that the Justice Department apparently doesn't.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Chimera Hybrid Embryos Get Go-ahead
by David Batty
The [U.K.] government has overturned its proposed ban on the creation of human-animal embryos and now wants to allow them to be used to develop new treatments for incurable diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. The proposal, in a new draft fertility bill published today, would allow scientists to create three different types of hybrid embryos.
Pelosi's Gambit: Allow Tax Hikes Without Vote
by Jonah Goldberg
In a stunning move, House Democrats today revealed they will attempt to rewrite House rules that have gone unchanged since 1822 in order to make it possible to increase taxes and government spending without having to vote and be held accountable...
Clinton Aide Forfeits Law License in Justice Probe
by Jerry Seper
In giving up his license, [Sandy] Berger avoids being cross-examined by the Board on Bar Counsel, where he risked further disclosure of specific details of his theft [of classified 9/11-related documents from the National Archives].

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Legacy Of Jerry Falwell
by Cal Thomas
...Mainstream media loved the story of Christian conservatives coming out of the political catacombs, because it created controversy. The daily battles between left and right and between the religious and secular sometimes resembled professional wrestling in their intensity and animosity. TV program bookers searched for the most outrageous and extreme people to "debate" Falwell because it brought them high ratings, if not understanding and consensus...
Rudy Giuliani Tied to 'Superhighways'
by Jerome R. Corsi
Questions are being raised over Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's policy on terrorism, after a report revealed he has strong ties to two foreign investment consortia working to own or lease U.S. toll roads, including the Trans-Texas Corridor 35, which is identified as part of the I-35 "NAFTA Superhighway"...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bennie Thompson vs. Terrorism Tipsters
Washington Times
We've all seen this phrase in block letters: "REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY," followed by a 1-800 number. But if a House Democrat manages to kill a tipster-immunity measure under consideration in Congress this month, people who report suspicious behavior could be sued in civil court if the accused are not charged with a crime...
The Democrats' Big Lie
...Democratic tolerance means tolerance for secularism, but absolute intolerance for religion. Democratic tolerance means tolerance for their supporters, but absolute intolerance for their political opponents. The proof is in the pudding: The House Democrats are currently pursuing policies that would criminalize religious thought and crack down on political speech...
More: Her Royal Fairness: Salem's Witch Trial

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Anger Of The Left
by Thomas Sowell
That people on the political left have a certain set of opinions, just as people do in other parts of the ideological spectrum, is not surprising. What is surprising, however, is how often the opinions of those on the left are accompanied by hostility and even hatred. Particular issues can arouse passions here and there for anyone with any political views. But, for many on the left, indignation is not a sometime thing. It is a way of life...
Israel Didn't Lose in Lebanon; America Hasn't Lost in Iraq
by Dennis Prager
America has "lost" the war in Iraq primarily because most people believe it has. And most people believe it has because the news media have said so...

Monday, May 14, 2007

4 Myths About America-Bashing in Europe
by William Drozdiak
...While President Bush is held in low esteem in many world capitals, the fact that the new leaders of "Old Europe" could win with pro-America platforms suggests that Yankee phobia may not be as toxic or universal as some pundits, mainly on the American left, claim...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Townhall.com Weekend Journal  
Salem Radio Network
Salem hosts Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and Albert Mohler all weigh in on the recently elected--and pro-American--French President Nicholas Sarkozy; Michael Medved analyzes the recent GOP debate then speaks with Mitt Romney; Dennis Prager talks about the Left with Thomas Sowell; and Hugh Hewitt moderates a debate on partial birth abortion.
C'Est Si Bon
by Ann Coulter
...With Nicolas Sarkozy's decisive victory as the new president of France, the French have produced their first pro-American ruler since Louis XVI. In celebration of France's spectacular return to Western civilization, I bought a Herve Leger dress on Monday, and we're having croissants for breakfast every day this week. This delicate French pastry, by the way, is in the shape of a crescent to commemorate the Crusaders' victory over Islam. Aren't the French just peachy?...
No Disclosure: Presidential Candidates Defy Tradition, Refuse to Release Taxes
by Jennifer Rubin
...That means voters are likely to know less about the income sources, personal wealth and charitable inclinations of the presidential candidates than in any election in the past generation...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Political Correctness is Destroying Our Military
by Diana West
...Victory, however, isn't the objective of our increasingly PC military. This is becoming more and more apparent as the war continues. It calls into question our very capacity -- not military, but psychological -- to wage war. It also calls into question our continuity with our forbears...
Lawmaker: Fort Dix Hero May Need Immunity
by Audrey Hudson
The New Jersey store clerk whose tip led to the arrest of six terror suspects needs legislative protection from being sued as a "John Doe" or whistleblower, lawmakers said yesterday...
Radical Muslim Paramilitary Compound Flourishes in Upstate New York
by Paul L. Williams
Situated within a dense forest at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains on the outskirts of Hancock, New York, Islamberg is not an ideal place for a summer vacation unless, of course, you are an exponent of the Jihad or a fan of Osama bin Laden...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Katrinafying Kansas
Investor's Business Daily
Democrats are starting to blame the federal government every time their governors get caught unprepared for natural disasters. Nowhere is that more blatant than in the Greensburg tornado aftermath...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brothers Charged in Terror Plot Lived Illegally in U.S. for 23 Years
Fox News
...In addition to plotting the attack on Fort Dix, the defendants spoke of assaulting a Navy installation in Philadelphia during the annual Army-Navy football game and conducted surveillance at other military installations in the region, prosecutors said...
Pope Warns Catholic Politicians Who Back Abortion
by Philip Pullella
..."Selfishness and fear are at the root of (pro-abortion) legislation," he said. "We in the Church have a great struggle to defend life...life is a gift not a threat"...
Not the End of the World as We Know It
by Olaf Stampf
How bad is climate change really? Are catastrophic floods and terrible droughts headed our way? Despite widespread fears of a greenhouse hell, the latest computer simulations are delivering far less dramatic predictions about tomorrow's climate...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Professor Forced Out for Citing George Washington
...Already professor Walter Kehowski at Glendale Community College in Arizona has been placed on forced administrative leave and the school’s chief has recommended his termination. "It simply boggles the mind that a professor could find himself facing termination simply for e-mailing the Thanksgiving address of our first president,” said Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)...
The Public Trough Is Bigger Than Ever
by John Stossel
Bill Clinton once declared, "The era of big government is over." Both Republicans and Democrats applauded. What a joke. Government grew under Clinton, and grew even faster under his successor. Government is so big today that more than half the population gets a major part of its income from the state...
Corruption related: Feinstein Conflict Allegations 'Aren't Going Away,' Watchdogs Say     Pelosi's $an Fran Treat

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

U.K. Clinic To Weed Out Embryos with Cosmetic Defects
by Roland Hancock
...Dr David King, the director of Human Genetics Alert, said: "Philosophers love to deride the idea of a slippery slope, but here it is in practice. We moved from preventing children who will die young to those who might become ill in middle age. We now discard those who will live as long as the rest of us but are cosmetically imperfect"...
A Letter to Our Soldiers in Iraq
by Dennis Prager
...There are a few things you should know about how tens of millions of us back home feel about you and the fight you are waging. These things need to be said, especially now, given the fact that the head of one of America's two major political parties has announced that the war in Iraq is lost...
The Chris Matthews Agenda Kidnaps the GOP Debate
by Michael Medved
...none of the candidates on the stage embarrassed himself nearly as much as the evening’s moderator, whose bias and hostility dominated and largely posioned the proceedings.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The "Fifth Columnization" of America
by Frank Salvato
...When successful, the efforts of the Progressive-Left’s American Fifth Column achieve the neutering of the American spirit, the end of our celebrated melting pot where pride in individuality, whether ethnic, religious or social, gave way only to pride of country; e pluribus unim. It transforms pioneers into cogs in a machine for the “greater good” and feminizes our society, this feminization giving way to a society of defenseless victims who are completely reliant on government for their survival....

Sunday, May 06, 2007

New Immigration Rules Could Allow Foreign Terrorists to Live in U.S. as Refugees
Fox News
...The intent is to grant refugee status to rebels who have fought repressive governments or advanced U.S. foreign policy objectives, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. But proposed changes to immigration rules also could cover U.S. enemies such as Al Qaeda members and fighters for Hamas and Hezbollah...
Will Britain One Day Be Muslim?
by Ruth Dudley Edwards
...I'm one of those old-fashioned immigrants to this country who feels passionately grateful, is proudly British (as well as Irish - having been born in Dublin), and believes that immigrants have more duties than rights. And, further, that one of those is to adjust to British society rather than expecting it to adjust to them...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

House GOP Hits Shift of Spy Funds to Study Climate
by Christina Bellantoni
..."There are other parts of the government better suited to doing this type of study," agreed Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican. "Our government should not commit expensive spy satellites and human intelligence sources to target something as undefined as the environment."

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Wisdom of Ronald Reagan Speaks Down the Years
by Gerard Baker
...[in the wake a national spirit sapped by war, scandals, and a failed executive administration], Within a few years the President had led the American people back to an improbable victory in the Cold War and an unchallenged status as the world’s economic superpower. America needs that leadership again.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Republicans Lobby Pelosi to Protect 'John Does'
by Audrey Hudson
...The legislation responds to a lawsuit filed by six Muslim imams after they were removed from a Nov. 20 U.S. Airways flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix for suspicious behavior. The lawsuit was filed on March 12 and also named as defendants any yet-unknown "John Doe" passengers who reported the imams' behavior...
Liberal Totalitarianism
by Jeffrey T. Kuhner
...Like the communists in the former Soviet Union, America’s liberals seek to crush dissent by consolidating control over the media—especially talk radio, which has emerged as the dominant medium for conservative opinion...
Lifestyles of the would-be totalitarians: Eco-Hillary sends empty planes flying; holds out for Gulstream III     The better people know Hillary, the less they like her
Chinese Firm Dodged Inspection of Pet Food
by David Barboza
A Chinese company accused of selling contaminated wheat gluten to pet food suppliers in the United States failed to disclose to China's export authorities that it was shipping food or feed to the United States, thereby avoiding having its goods inspected, according to U.S. regulators...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Even If Entering Iraq Was a Mistake, Leaving Is Worse
by Dennis Prager
...Democrats and others on the Left do not ask [nor seem to care] what will happen if America leaves Iraq. They are certain that the war was wrong, and that, in addition to handing George W. Bush and the Republicans a defeat, is what they seem to care about.
George Tenet's New Book: A Loser's History
by Christopher Hitchens
...History is not a matter of hindsight and is not, in fact, always written by the victors. In this case, a bogus history is being offered by a real loser whose hindsight is cockeyed and who had no foresight at all.
Feinstein’s Cardinal Shenanigans
by David Keene
...In spite of the blatant appearance of corruption, no major publication has picked up on the story, the Senate Ethics Committee has reportedly let her slip by, and she is now chairing the Senate Rules Committee, which puts her in charge of making sure her colleagues act ethically and avoid the sorts of conflicts of interest with which she is personally and so obviously familiar.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fraudulent 'Fairness'
by George F. Will
...By trying to again empower the government to regulate broadcasting, illiberals reveal their lack of confidence in their ability to compete in the marketplace of ideas, and their disdain for consumer sovereignty—and hence for the public...
Mad TV
by Joel Mowbray
...Al-Hurra was intended to cut through the anti-West and anti-U.S. propaganda that permeates even mainstream Arab media. Stories in that vein no longer see significant airtime, and nowhere is this more apparent than Al-Hurra's new approach to the Holocaust--the treatment of which in Arab society embodies so much that is wrong in that critical region of the Muslim world...
How Multiculturalism Is Betraying Women
by Johann Hari
...the real racists are the people who vehemently condemn misogyny and homophobia when it comes from white people but mysteriously fall silent when it comes from black and Asian men. Indeed, in the name of this warm, welcoming multiculturalism, the German courts have explicitly compared Muslim women to the brain-damaged...