"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders." --Samuel Adams

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sen. Dodd's Cavalcade of Scandal
by Kevin Rennie
Time and again, the Connecticut senator has been caught both doing favors for heavy hitters and receiving them -- and then lying about it. Sometimes the mess involves a firm like AIG or Countrywide, enmeshed in the abuses that have so damaged the US economy. Sometimes Dodd's pal is just a felon in need of a presidential pardon...
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hezbollah Uses Mexican Drug Routes into U.S.
by Sara A. Carter
...Hezbollah relies on "the same criminal weapons smugglers, document traffickers and transportation experts as the drug cartels," said Michael Braun, who just retired as assistant administrator and chief of operations at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

U.N. 'Climate Change' Plan Would Likely Shift Trillions to Form New World Economy
by George Russell
A United Nations document on "climate change" that will be distributed to a major environmental conclave next week envisions a huge reordering of the world economy, likely involving trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, millions of job losses and gains, new taxes, industrial relocations, new tariffs and subsidies, and complicated payments for greenhouse gas abatement schemes and carbon taxes — all under the supervision of the world body...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Expanded Americorps Has an Authoritarian Feel
DC Examiner
...The bill also summons up unsettling memories of World War II-era paramilitary groups by saying the new program should “combine the best practices of civilian service with the best aspects of military service,” while establishing “campuses” that serve as “operational headquarters,” complete with “superintendents” and “uniforms” for all participants...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Welfare for Freed Gitmo Detainees?
by Thomas Joscelyn
...So, not only is the Obama administration planning on freeing some detainees on U.S. soil, it is also going to pay them to live here. Amazing. Who would have thought that we would see the day when detainees who were once labeled enemy combatants would be receiving welfare?...
US Backing for World Currency Stuns Markets
by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner shocked global markets by revealing that Washington is "quite open" to Chinese proposals for the gradual development of a global reserve currency run by the International Monetary Fund...
Rahm Emanuel's Profitable Stint at Mortgage Giant
by Bob Secter and Andrew Zajac
Before its portfolio of bad loans helped trigger the current housing crisis, mortgage giant Freddie Mac was the focus of a major accounting scandal that led to a management shake-up, huge fines and scalding condemnation of passive directors by a top federal regulator...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

News Conference: What Obama Said and What He Meant
by John F. Harris & Jonathan Martin
...Obama fluently answered the questions, sometimes at considerable length. But his responses were typically variations on a single-word theme: Whatever...
Why Doesn't Communism Have as Bad a Name as Nazism?
by Dennis Prager
...Until the left and all the institutions influenced by the left acknowledge how evil communism has been, we will continue to live in a morally confused world. Conversely,the day the left does come to grips with communism's legacy of human destruction, it will be a very positive sign that the world's moral compass has begun to correct itself.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Geithner Aides Worked With AIG for Months on Bonuses
by Michael M. Philips & Sudeep Reddy
...The extent of their involvement, which wasn't widely known, raises fresh questions about whether Mr. Geithner could have known earlier about AIG's $165 million in bonus payments. When the bonuses sparked a political firestorm last week, Mr. Geithner said he learned about their full scope in early March, just days before they were paid...
Dodd's Wife a Former Director of Bermuda-Based IPC Holdings, an AIG Controlled Company
by Kevin Rennie
No wonder Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn) went wobbly last week when asked about his February amendment ratifying hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to executives at insurance giant AIG. Dodd has been one of the company's favorite recipients of campaign contributions. But it turns out that Senator Dodd's wife has also benefited from past connections to AIG as well...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Why I Am Depressed
by Scott Johnson
...I feel utterly powerless to do anything about the fellow in the Oval Office who combines infantile leftism and adolescent grandiosity in roughly equal measures. It seems to me that every day he is responsible for assaults on the freedom and well being of the American people. I can't keep up and I can't stand to pay attention...
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Manufactured Outrage
New York Post
...the bonuses stand, Geithner's already shaky credibility has received another blow - and the president's feigned anger is fooling no one. Another bad week for the Obama administration...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

ACORN to Play Role in 2010 Census
by Christina Corbin
The U.S. Census is supposed to be free of politics, but one group with a history of voter fraud, ACORN, is participating in next year's count, raising concerns about the politicization of the decennial survey...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG
by Dan Spencer
...The two biggest Congressional recipients of bonuses from the A.I.G. are - Senators Chris Dodd and Senator Barack Obama...
Is Obama Manipulating the Stock Market?
World Net Daily
...Economist Michael Bolser, the author of a highly successful Internet newsletter, InterventionalAnalysis.com, told Corsi the Federal Reserve is deliberately manipulating the Dow by injecting billions of repurchase agreements, or "repos," into the market in conjunction with a rare interview Sunday by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on the CBS "60 Minutes" television show...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

UW-Milwaukee Study Could Realign Climate Change Theory
..."The research team has found the warming trend of the past 30 years has stopped and in fact global temperatures have leveled off since 2001." The most recent climate shift probably occurred at about the year 2000...
Obama Wants to Charge Vets for Service-Related Injuries
by Ed Morrissey
...Let’s see. The same administration that wants to give tens of billions of dollars to GM, Citigroup, AIG, and a host of other banks and manufacturers wants men and women injured in service to their country to pay for the medical care that arises from these injuries?...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Now Obama Tells Us?
by Victor Davis Hanson
Imagine that last fall before being elected, Barack Obama had outlined the positions he has embraced since being inaugurated as president. An honest campaign speech could have gone something like this...
Americans See 18% of Wealth Vanish
by S. Mitra Kalita
...U.S. households' net worth tumbled by $11 trillion -- a decline in a single year that equals the combined annual output of Germany, Japan and the U.K. The data signal the end of an epoch defined by first and second homes, rising retirement funds and ever-fatter portfolios...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stem-Cell Doubletalk
by Wesley J. Smith
...What makes Obama's stealth action so maddening is that he claimed to support "groundbreaking work to convert ordinary human cells into ones that resemble embryonic stem cells" in his stem-cell speech. But what he did was eradicate the very executive order that guaranteed that such science would be federally funded--an order that as far as I know nobody was lobbying to revoke...
Does Obama Know What He Is Doing?
by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
...his banking and mortgage relief plans -- are both flawed and highly unlikely to solve their respective problems. Indeed, they are so wide of the mark that one has to ask if Obama is not only a radical but also an incompetent...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Media Forgets Obama's Nominee to Justice Dept. Was a Terrorist's Lawyer
by Warner Todd Huston
...Tony West was "American Taliban" terrorist John Walker Lindh's defense lawyer. Another key bit of info left out of these announcements was that Tony West raised $65 million for Obama's presidential campaign...
Obama's Poll Numbers Are Falling to Earth
by Douglas E. Schoen & Scott Rasmussen
...public confidence in government remains low and is slipping. We face the possibility of substantial gridlock along with an absolute absence of public confidence that could come to mirror the lack of confidence in the American economy that the Dow and the S&P are currently showing.
Obama Racks Up List of Broken Promises
by Chelsea Schilling
As a candidate, he promised to allow public comment before signing bills, eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses, provide tax credits to businesses for hiring new employees, allow Americans to withdraw funds from 401(k) and retirement accounts without penalties, ban lobbyists from serving in his administration, reform earmarks, bring all combat troops home from Iraq in 16 months, sign the "Freedom of Choice Act," give Americans $4,000 in credits for college and run a "transparent" administration...
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Justice Dept. Investigates Arizona Sheriff for Enforcing Immigration Law
by Penny Starr
...Reps. John Conyers (D-Mich.), Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), and Robert Scott (D-Va.) requested the investigation, and activists groups such as National Day Laborer Organizer Network and ACORN launched petition drives and rallies in support of the probe...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are 'Hope' and 'Change' Still Tax Deductible?
by Ann Coulter
...Liberals have no intention of actually parting with any of their own wealth or lifting a finger to help the poor. That's for other people to do with what's left of their incomes after the government has taken its increasingly large cut.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pelosi Made Repeated Requests for Military Aircraft, Documents Show
Fox News
...Representatives for Judicial Watch, which obtained e-mails and other documents from a Freedom of Information request, said the correspondence shows Pelosi has abused the system in place to accommodate congressional leaders and treated the Air Force as her "personal airline"...
Barack Obama 'Too Tired' to Give Proper Welcome to Gordon Brown
by Tim Shipman
...Mr Brown handed over carefully selected gifts, including a pen holder made from the wood of a warship that helped stamp out the slave trade - a sister ship of the vessel from which timbers were taken to build Mr Obama's Oval Office desk. Mr Obama's gift in return, a collection of Hollywood film DVDs that could have been bought from any high street store, looked like the kind of thing the White House might hand out to the visiting head of a minor African state...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama and His Magic Lamp
by Spengler
...Obama will run foreign policy precisely as he ran his presidential campaign, by dismissing consistency as the hobgoblin of small minds as he promised diametrically opposed things to irreconcilable factions. And the rest of the world will smile and nod and take American checks, at least for the moment, while there still are functioning governments to take American checks...
Rich Mexicans Flee Drug Violence
byJames Pinkerton
...the kidnappings have motivated many of the nation’s leading professionals to leave. “In Mexico, there is a real anxiety about it because it’s a huge brain drain. The money and talent is leaving Mexico in huge numbers to San Diego, San Antonio and Austin,” Ainslie said...“Your family suffers,” Hernandez said. “But when you turn on the TV and listen to the news from Mexico, that’s when you say to yourself you made the right decision to leave.”